Jacob Gottlieb’s Road to Financial Success with Visium

Jacob Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, New York to immigrant parents who came from Poland to the United States in the 1960s. His father, Max Gottlieb, is a professor of economics and his mother, Dr. Helena Gottlieb, is a pediatrician. This mixed family dynamic sparked his love for both industries and allowed him to understand the similarities in both. It is his belief that both stockbrokers and physicians need to know how to take and handle risks. Similar to how doctors must understand and eliminate risks for their patients’ best interest, so must Wall Street brokers attempt to minimize the risk of the moves they make for their clients.


He was inspired to get involved in the financial market from a young age when he won a contest in school that required him to select stocks to invest in. Seeing his son’s expertise in stock selection, his father helped Jacob to open an investment trading account of his own. Even as a child, Jacob showed entrepreneurial interest and would often sell drinks he had purchased from a local grocer to busy golfers as they grew thirsty.


Dr. Gottlieb obtained his M.D from New York University Medical School which allowed him to have an internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital. He then decided that pursuing a career in the medical field was not for him and he instead decided to focus on his love for the stock market, becoming a specialist in finances with a B.A in economics that he received from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.


Dr. Gottlieb also has an interest in giving back to his community. He works alongside Math for America, a fellowship program in New York City that prompts the start of new educational programs all across the country. Math for America gathers some of the most successful teachers in the city to create professional collaborative projects and communities that encourage community development and teacher advancement by supporting mathematics and science teachers around the country.


Jacob Gottlieb has received many awards in his career, most notably the Association for Investment Management and Research’s Chartered Financial Analyst award, or CFA, in 2001.


To Get A Butt Lift in Dallas or To Not Get A Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

When you think of butt lift surgery, what cities tend to come to mind? For most people, the cities of Miami, New York, San Diego or Los Angeles will pop-up, but did you know that the city of Dallas has become a top choice? That’s correct! Dallas, Texas, is at the top of its game for butt lift surgery, and it hosts some of the finest of medical professionals. The Brazilian butt lift is the “go-to” weapon of choice for people who want a bit more booty. This procedure is great because it’s all about transferring fatty tissue from other body parts to your backside.


First things first. Any and all patients who want to undergo this procedure will need to have enough extra body fat on their body to begin with. This fat can be on your thighs, on your back or on your stomach. Without the extra fat, the patient wouldn’t have anything body mass to transfer into the buttocks. Another great tip to know for patients is that you must maintain your current body weight before and after the surgery is completed. Remember, this is still a surgical procedure and if you start to manipulate your body’s structure in any way, the results could be negative. The fat that’s being transferred will be purified before it goes back into your body. In some cases, the patient may need to gain a few pounds before the actual surgery.


As you can see, there is a lot of regulations that are put into place before the surgery begins. Here are some of the better butt lift surgery institutions in Dallas.



  • Innovations Medical


  • Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center


  • BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa


  • And others

16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Recognizes Madison Street Capital

Wall Street firms can be a fiercely competitive group. So it is a big news when one of these companies is able to beat hundreds of their peers in a competition. Recently, one of these financial companies, Madison Street Capital, found themselves recognized as one of the top companies at the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards.


The awards ceremony was held at the Metropolitan Club in New York City on November 30, 2017. The annual ceremony was one of the top financial awards show in the industry. Companies are recognized for everything from best financial firm to best financial deals as well as best debt deals. Over 650 companies compete for only a handful of awards. And each award will greatly enhance the winning company’s reputation.


Madison Street Capital took home the award for Debt Financing Deal of the Year. In particular, the award recognized Madison Street Capital for their work on the WLR Automotive deal which allowed Madison Street Capital’s client to raise capital and expand their operations.


Accepting the award was Charles Botchway, the Cheif Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital. Mr. Botchway recognized the hard work of the architect of the deal, Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen. In addition to their award for Debt Financing Deal of the Year, Madison Street Capital was also a finalist for Financials Deal of the Year Under $250 million dollars as well as Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.


The award recognition has helped boost the reputation of Madison Street Capital who has been one of the top financial services firm for small and medium-sized companies. The awards ceremony was held along with the 2017 M&A Advisor Summit which brought together the country’s top M&A professionals from around the country.


Based in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm working with international clients from North America to Africa, Europe, and Asia. Among the services provided by the firm include merger and acquisition expertise, capital restructuring, buyout advisory, private placement as well as other financial services.


Led by Cheif Executive Officer Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world. Since their inception, the firm has completed hundreds of various financial deals. Some of the transactions completed by Madison Street Capital include Chicago Yacht Works receipt of a $4.1 million dollar debt facility from Northeast Bancorp as well as the Heartsync Inc.’s growth capital infusion from Decathalon Capital Partners.


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End Citizens United, Restoring Transparency In Political Funding

Modern politics are slowly moving away from identity politics and competition of ideologies to how often the electorate interacts with you. This change has led candidates, and political parties look for funding without questioning the source of the money. Political financing has been an issue for ages, but one thing is clear when you receive campaign money, you become the donor’s protégé. The 2010 Supreme Court ruling opened up the Pandora’s Box. A candidate now can receive funding from any cooperate or individual without restrictions or limits. The verdict created a moral crisis in the USA elections. The Supreme Court redefined corporates as individuals and removed funding limits in campaigns. End Citizens United was formed from this moral crisis as a political action group in charge of asking the hard questions on campaign funding from the political class.

To counter the effect of big money in politics, the first step for this movement is questioning the already politicians that have deserted their social contract with the electorate and in return, choose politics of individualism according to usatoday.com. This noble campaign is known as Big Money 20. The campaign aims at the incumbent who instead of championing the interest of private citizens choose the path of collaborating with the dark cooperate world as well as individuals. The intention is to discourage reelection of these politicians. Some of the fundamental issues used to constitute the Big Money 20 included failure to fight for equitable health care, which is a significant right for all the USA citizens. The list is a list of 20 politicians.

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The political action group endorses politicians based on their commitments to the social justice. The End Citizens United this year endorsed both incumbents and the challenges in the Senate. The incumbents that were true to their ideologies are in this endorsement list. Some of the endorsements include Kate Porter, Sheldon WhiteHouse, Bob Casey, Mazie Hirono and Jackie Rosen. These endorsements aim at helping the group mission in the legislature with amendments and finally restore sanity in the political campaigns and funding.

For transparency, the political action group is open and put all its funding sources to the public. Grassroots supporters fund the group, and therefore a political group or an individual cannot siphon its voice. These midterm elections, the political action group is aiming at raising at least $35 million. This fund is $10 million extra to what this action group raised and spent in the 2016 elections. The primary source of these funds is from the grassroots. This source of funds enables the action group to remain grounded on its original mission of safeguarding the interests of these private citizens. The Washington, DC-based political action group has one of the most experienced leadership among the action groups in the United States.

Securus Technologies, Putting Up Great Numbers Across the Board

Securus Technologies has been making great improvements lately. It’s no surprise that their focus is on both people and technology. The company that’s over 30 years old and based in Texas, has purchased GovPayNet. The newly acquired company specializes in processing payments for governmental agencies such as courts, motor vehicles, the IRS, and of course, correctional facilities. The company is excited to join another recently acquired company of JPay, who also works in the financial services sector of corrections. While no specific plans have been reported, the merging of the three companies is anticipated to yield great results.


Seemingly, the most important of technological innovations, are wireless containment systems. These systems provide safety for both the staff and inmates at facilities. They operate by blocking unauthorized calls and messages from being placed with contraband cellular devices. Operating like a cell tower; they block the device from being connected to its normal network. The user is notified via a recorded announcement stating that the call has been disconnected. This technology is critical, as many crimes and even a murder have been traced to illegal cell phone use in correctional facilities. While the technology is still in the testing stages, the outlook is promising. Sources claim that over a billion attempted communications have been interrupted. The WCS devices are currently in the process of being slowly introduced into more facilities.


In other news, Securus has recently earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. An “A+” score is certainly a great accomplishment for such a large company. The customer service has also made big news with over 95 percent of customers being satisfied with the service they’ve received. A first call resolution rate of over 99 percent is also a notable accomplishment. While the numbers for Securus are looking great, the company continues to put its customers first.


Logan Stout Is Sought After As A Speaker

Logan Stout is someone who has worked hard to reach various goals in his life, and he is someone who others like to see speak. The information that he shares when he gives a speech help others to do great things, and he is someone who is much sought after.

He is someone with a good track record as a leader and as a successful businessman. He is someone who others feel they can look up to, and he is someone who others fully respect. He is an overall good person, and that makes others enjoy seeing him speak.

Logan Stout founded IDLife, and it is a company that has done quite well. This company has worked with people such as Troy Aikman, and it is a company that meets the needs of all kinds of individuals. Logan Stout did well in founding this company, and he is admired for the work that he and his company have done.

Logan Stout is someone who is respected and successful entrepreneur, yet he was willing to share the details of his typical day when he was interviewed. He shared that most of his days look similar to one another. He starts by consuming the same kinds of IDLife products each day. He has a shake and then an energy drink in the morning. He spends time reading the newspaper and having a quiet time all alone in the morning. He helps his little boys get ready for school each day, and then he starts work for the day.

Logan Stout has shared that health and wellness and the search for both get him excited. When he sees more and more people trying to live healthy lifestyles, that makes him happy. He wants to see others caring for their bodies, and a health and wellness trend is something that excites him.

Learn more about Logan Stout: https://technewsspy.com/2017/07/27/logan-stout-announces-idlifes-partnership-with-garmin/

Jeunesse Global Promotes Healthy Lifestyle with Generation Young

Jeunesse Global is one of the fastest-growing and most important competitors in the global health and beauty space. Founded in 2009 by industry power couple Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has been able to quickly come to dominate a number of market niches through the creation of some of the most innovative and sought-after products that have come on the scene in the last 10 years.

Jeunesse is much more than a simple health and beauty company. Through the initiative that Ray and Lewis have termed Generation Young, the company has created a sort of camaraderie that borders on a sense of family. Holding many events every year, the company is able to fly its top distributors and customers to lavish resorts around the world. These conferences often focus on healthy living and self-improvement, two of the core tenets of the Jeunesse philosophy.

The company has done more than just improve people’s health and fitness. For many Jeunesse Global distributors, working for the company has been a truly life-changing experience. With over six ways to earn money from the sale of products, recruitment of distributors and management of distribution networks, Jeunesse Global has provided its top distributors with the means to earn millions of dollars. Many of these distributors have come from regions where the average salary is just a couple dollars per day. Jeunesse has presented these people with the opportunity of a lifetime.

But the Generation Young philosophy, which has caught on like wildfire throughout much of East Asia, may be the company’s lasting legacy. Jeunesse has brought a wide number of revolutionary health and beauty products to market, helping millions of customers to become the first generation in history to be able to significantly delay the worst effects of aging. The company also engages in promotion of overall healthy lifestyles, conducting exercise classes and other means of maintaining its customers and distributors in top physical shape.

These are just a few of the things that Jeunesse Global is doing to ensure that Generation Young becomes the first ever to defy the ravages of time, extending their youth and beauty into the indefinite future.

Run-Away Crime Levels in New Brunswick, NJ – The Pizza Shooting Case

New Brunswick, NJ, unfortunately, records crime levels higher than the national average. Some areas record more crimes than others, and the Quincy apartment complex in New Street and Liberty Street is especially in a dire situation.

The Pizza Shooting

One particular case of robberies and murders in and near this apartment complex involved a pizza delivery man. The pizza man received an order from one of the apartments’ occupiers and had to question nearly 200 residents, all of who said that they had not made any orders. The man decided to head back, but unfortunately for him, three men had lured him into a trap.

The pizza man found three men waiting for him next to his car, and they seemed intent on robbing him. They robbed him of his money as well as the pizza, and one of the men proceeded to shoot him as they were fleeing.

Near the same area, another man checked into the ER with gunshot wounds that seemed to have been related from the pizza shooting incident.

Slow Justice

In this case, the police were able to conduct conclusive investigations that led to the arrest and prosecution of one suspect. The police tracked the cell phone which was used to contact the pizzeria. The suspect was charged with several counts including unlawful possession of a weapon, giving wrong information, obstruction of justice, and robbery.

A Long-Running Battle

New Brunswick, NJ has a long history of violence. White families were reportedly prone to domestic and gang feuds. When the minority communities started moving in, the white community made its exit, but the violence persisted. It has only been getting worse with the current poverty and unemployment levels as well as easy access to guns.

However, the local authorities are exploring ways of addressing the underlying problems that are fueling this violence – mainly unemployment. Rutgers University and Johnson & Johnson made a public-private partnership that proposed the building of hotels and a Johnson & Johnson outlet in the area to boost employment levels and stimulate economic growth. This, however, has been marred by controversy as the groups were accused of plotting to kick out the minority community in this area and make room for wealthy occupants looking to move in. So far, raids have been conducted in several apartments to snuff out illegal immigrants, and some neighborhoods have been demolished and hotels built in their place.


The Evolution of Dick DeVos – Businessman, Activist, Philanthropist, And Now Aviation Policy Maker

The impact of the DeVos family on the state of Michigan has been quite profound over the years. And nowhere is this more readily apparent than in their home city of Grand Rapids. As the scion of the family, Dick DeVos has played a crucial role in various philanthropic activities in the state of Michigan over the last few decades.


During his tenure as the CEO of the family-owned Amway business empire, he was instrumental in bringing several key development projects to the Grand Rapids skyline. Some of these landmarks include the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center, and the Grand Rapids City Market.


Even more profound are the changes Dick DeVos has sought to bring to his state through his role as a political donor and influencer. Along with his wife Betsy, he has been an ardent campaigner for numerous conservative causes. One of his major accomplishments in the state of Michigan was the enactment of the 2012 law that enshrined right to work and removed the constraints placed by union memberships.


The couple is primarily associated with broader education reform in the United States. Their efforts for the expansion of charter schools has created a nationwide impact. Betsy DeVos was chosen by President Trump as the Education Secretary due to her advocacy and activism in the education sector.


Beyond their overtly political roles, Dick and Betsy DeVos are also well-known philanthropists. It is estimated that the couple has donated more than $130 million towards various charitable causes since 1989. These include educational scholarships and leadership programs, arts and culture, churches, and hospitals. These efforts have resulted in several landmarks, like the construction of a major children’s hospital, a performance hall, and medical school, all in the Grand Rapids area.


But the path hasn’t always been easy for Dick DeVos. He has tasted defeat in several of his political endeavors, the most famous being the costly defeat to Jennifer Granholm in the 2006 Michigan Governor elections. Despite this severe setback, he seems to have absorbed the lessons and moved on with the fight elsewhere.


And with the ascendancy of the conservative movement under President Trump, a new opportunity beckoned Dick DeVos. And this time, it was in a field that is very close to his heart. Dick DeVos is an aviation nerd and a trained pilot. He has overseen the revitalization of the Grand Rapids airport and was instrumental in setting up an aviation school in the state. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/DickDeVosII


So, the chance to bring his experience and expertise to the FAA must have been especially satisfying to him. As one of the seven new members on the civilian panel overseeing the Federal Agency, Dick DeVos now has a golden chance to leave his imprint on the US civil aviation sector in the next three years. If his track record is anything to go by, one can expect impressive things in the near future.




Families of the incarcerated are flocking to use Securus Technologies’ video visitation

In the United States prison system, it is estimated that the incarcerated, mostly fathers, have nearly 4 million children that would otherwise be dependent on them if they were on the outside. This huge number of children affected by the mass incarceration of prisoners within the United States prisons is a serious problem for the country as a whole. Many studies have shown that children who do not have a father figure in the home have far worse life outcomes across nearly all metrics than those children that grew up in an intact family.


But one company, Securus Technologies, is doing something to at least partially ameliorate the often terrible consequences that come with families being torn apart by long periods of incarceration. Through its video visitation technology, Securus has taken the lead in ensuring that prisoners in the modern U.S. prison system are able to communicate with their loved ones, especially children, on the outside.


By providing inmates with the ability to make high-quality, face-to-face video calls over their video visitation system, at just $0.15 per minute, on average, Securus is keeping families intact and ensuring that children of the incarcerated across the country can have a meaningful relationship with their fathers. Because of the dire consequences of fatherless households, Securus has estimated that this technology is making real inroads to the material improvement in the lives of millions of children across the country.


But it’s not just the children of incarcerated loved ones who benefit tremendously from the ability to make reasonably priced and high-quality phone calls, which mimic the in-person visitation experience. The family members, including parents and spouses of inmates, are also primary beneficiaries of this highly effective new technology. Overall, Securus is allowing families that otherwise would have been torn apart and unable to communicate the ability to stay in touch.