We believe good businesses create better communities.

Kick Victoria removes barriers between entrepreneurs and success through piercing insight, endless resources and community support that accelerates momentum.

What Kick is all about.

Kick is a group of dedicated local entrepreneurs  who help community minded people with an idea for a business who are ready to make it happen get to revenue from idea as fast as possible. We help business leaders who are ready to overhaul their business locate and unlock the trapped value. We do this by applying a step-by-step approach including guidance, expertise, exposure, resources and structure.

The value of Kick.


Because we believe good businesses create better communities.


By removing barriers between entrepreneurs and the success they deserve.


We give insight, resources and support that create momentum.


“You will get further in six weeks in Kick, than in six months on your own.”

— Erin Skillen, Kick Participant

“Kick was the best money I’ve spent in years. If you are serious about getting your business going, you will not regret doing Kick.”

— Mandy Leith, Connect The Docs

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Kick FAQs

Q: Do I need to have business experience to join the accelerator?

A: No. Kick is customized to your level of experience.

Q: Can the knowledge I gain in Kick be easily and readily applied to future business endeavors?

A: Yes, Kick is a proven methodology that is repeatable across industries.

Q: Will I have access to helpful networking events and opportunities?

A: Yes, both Kick and our community partners host events you will be welcome to attend. You will also be informed of additional opportunities as they arise.

Q: What types of startups join the program?

A: The most common startups that join Kick are purpose-driven. Kick is for lifestyle entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and tech entrepreneurs. We’re also for the for-profits, the non-profits, and the hybrid model businesses. The startup process isn’t that different between low-growth and high-growth businesses, nor between tech-centric and people-centric companies.  All entrepreneurs need to understand their customers, understand their markets, and with that knowledge, find a path to sustainable revenues.

Q: How do I know I'm ready for Kick?

A: If you have an idea for a business you’re ready to explore,  or seeking to improve an under performing business, then  you’re ready.

Q: What course materials are used?

A: The core course material comes from The Next Step by Michael “Luni” Libes. It include six modules including the startup process, financial planning, sales and marketing, business pyramid canvas, pitching and dividing equity. We also integrate ideas from The Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, The Business Model Generator, The Startup Owner’s Manual, Purple Cow, Evil Plan and others. The learning is both written and video based using the flipped classroom model. This model provides more one-on-one interaction and enables us to focus specifically on your challenges as they present themselves.

Q: How does a business accelerator help?

A: Simply said: “Speed”. In several weeks you can achieve what it would take you several months to complete on your own.

Q: Will I learn how to find more customers?

A: Yes, a big part of Kick is improving your customer acquisition abilities. We’re big believers in making your business revenue-ready as fast as possible. In most cases we can introduce you to your first customers through our extensive network, while also coaching you to create a process to consistently find more customers on your own.

Q: Does Kick help me create a business plan so I can find investment?

A: Yes, you will have the data you need to apply for either debt and equity investment on your own or through our partners and network. Kick’s reputation also brings credibility to your investment application.

Q: Is it possible to start a business if you don't have much money?

A: It is if you have a service offering. We have found a lot of tech product companies start as consulting companies to overcome their lack of startup funding.

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