Karl Heideck, Philadelphia’s Top Litigator

Karl Heideck is an accomplished litigator practicing in Philadelphia and its surrounding regions for more than ten years.

He has a unique skill set including experience in commercial and civil litigation, employment, corporate, and intellectual property law, and legal research and writing. Specifically, Karl Heideck focuses his practice on Litigation, Compliance, and Risk Management Reviews.

Much of legal jargon is used interchangeable today when doing so alters what these terms mean. For instance, the terms “lawyer,” “attorney” and “litigator” do not actually mean the same thing! The Cambridge Dictionary explains that a litigator is a person who pursues legal cases against both individuals and organizations. Litigators handle each and every step that goes into building and trying a case, not just the process of addressing the judge, witnesses, and jury in a courtroom.

The process of becoming a litigator can be quite long and daunting, but ultimately rewarding. One has to have strong investigation, research, and negotiation skills. In the U.S, one has to first attain a four-year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. While the nature of this degree is not defined, one has to have credits in History, English, Governance, Political Science, and Mathematics. After this, one has to go through a three-year course at a law school recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA).

It is advisable for one to participate extensively in practical law activities such as moot courts, mock trials, and law clinics. One can also pursue litigation internships or part-time positions at law companies or legal departments within private organizations and government bodies. Lastly, one has to sit for and pass the bar exams, formally known as the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). Individuals who pass the bar exams then receive their law licenses from the ABA.

For Karl Heideck, the road to becoming a licensed litigator began in 2003, when he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature/Letters from Swarthmore College. He went on to receive his Juris Doctor (JD) degree in Law from the Temple University Beasley School of Law in 2009. Since then, Karl has accumulated over ten years’ practical litigation experience in firms like Conrad O’Brien, Pepper Hamilton LLP, and Grant & Eisenhofer.

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Squaw Valley Continues to Provide the Best Services to its Visitors


In December of last year, Squaw Valley released a statement responding to the news that bacteria were detected in drinking water. The bacteria were coliform and E. coli and were present in the drinking water at the upper mountain in Squaw Valley.

The issue had been reported to the Placer County Department of Health a month earlier. Squaw Valley reacted to the situation in a timely and efficient manner and the issue was resolved conclusively. The water was treated regularly and according to Wesley Nicks, the director of Placer County Environmental Health, three of the four wells had no E. coli. Restaurants on the upper mountain remained closed during the period and skiers were not allowed to take any water while there. Fortunately, no health issues were reported and operations continued without a hitch.

In the statement Squaw Valley released regarding the issue, they outlined the circumstances leading up to the incident. A heavy rain storm that occurred in October affected a number of water systems in Placer County. The rain storm caused the flooding of a water system that had been upgraded recently and resulted in contamination. That specific system was the only one that was affected and no contaminated water was offered to the public during this period.

The issue was detected during a routine test at the facility and the water safety experts were consulted on how to deal with the matter. The Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer County Environmental Health were contacted immediately the issue was discovered. They assured visitors that like all other safety issues, they took up this one seriously and were committed to resolving it.

The statement pointed out that the facility will return to regular water usage when they are assured by health officials that the water is safe for consumption. Guests at Gold Coast and High Camp will receive free bottled drinking water and will enjoy full access to the services and facilities. Squaw Valley also thanked the county administration and officials for their cooperation and assistance during the matter. All of this proves the level of professionalism and service that Squaw Valley offers to its visitors.


Betsy DeVos Aims For The Benefit Of Kids In America As Education Minister

Betsy DeVos is a woman who has tried to the best of her abilities to bring about change in the society in America particularly regarding education. In one of the most excruciatingly close voting numbers in the Election of a United States Minister of Education, Betsy was appointed as the Education Minister in the cabinet under President Trump. Her appointment was finalized after a tie-breaking vote had to be cast owing to the 50-50 split in the percentage of votes cast.

In the past, Betsy has been at the forefront of numerous school charter movements advocating various reforms aimed at the upliftment of educational institutions and the quality of education that is imparted to members of society. One school change which Betsy launched was advocating the use of taxpayers money to upgrade public schools to private ones, thus giving a boost to the quality of education that children in schools receive. She believed that privatizing the schools would lead to educational institutions being able to afford better facilities to help kids learn better.

Betsy voiced her opinion numerous times about putting into place a system which grades schools in America, just like they do with their students. She was of the view that schools should be awarded merits based on the quality of facilities that the school gives the children, so as to benefit parents by helping them make better decisions regarding the schools they choose to enroll their kids into. Read more news on Los Angeles Times

Betsy has always cared about the quality of education that the children of America received and has always tried to make efforts to better the system. Being elected to the role of teaching minister, Betsy can now take her efforts to a national platform and bring about change on a much larger scale than what she could before.

Besty’s efforts to help the education sector have benefited numerous students all over the years and continue to do so with the high amount of scholarships Betsy awards deserving students. She believes with the right tools; children can benefit and develop to be more contributing members of society. A few years ago, Betsy founded the DeVos family foundation that helps her aid students who have shown exemplary talents in academic as well as co-curricular fields. She awards these scholarships to them so that they can get access to a better quality of education that will help them develop their skills to the fullest potential.

Betsy DeVos has also helped numerous communities and has built facilities for the better development of their skills. Through her foundation, Betsy has helped numerous local programs especially ones dealing with performing arts to give children and youth a platform to showcase and develop their talents.

Visit Betsy’s website at betsydevos.com

Securus competitor folds under pressure

Securus Technologies, the nation’s number one provider of inmate communication services, recently issued a challenge to a long-standing competitor. GTL, a foundering fellow traveler in the prison communications space, had been relentlessly jabbing Securus with false accusations and wild claims of technological superiority. Securus finally took note and issued a challenge. The two companies would pit their video visitation technology against each other and see who came out ahead. The challenge was not ad hoc. Securus had worked out the details and arranged for an impartial third party to act as judge. But, like a criminal with a guilty conscience, GTL would not willingly submit to a fair trial. It forfeited the match and, by default, admitted the superiority of Securus’ innovative technologies.



It’s not a game to inmates and families


While such lighthearted sparring between rivals can be fun, the prison communications industry is no frivolity for the inmates and families who rely on it. In truth, Securus’ video visitation technology has saved countless families millions of dollars in the aggregate.


Prior to the advent of video visitation, families were often required to trek hundreds of miles, actually being required to physically present at the institution where their loved ones were incarcerated. Not only did this end up costing hundreds of dollars, it subjected decent, law-abiding people to the iniquities of the prison environment. For this reason, it is a little known fact that many prisoners would spend the majority of their sentences without ever seeing their family or loved ones face to face. Aside from many other ills, this has been shown to have a direct negative effect on recidivism.


But with Securus’ video visitation, family members no longer have to endure the ordeal of visiting the prison. They can talk to their loved ones from the comfort of their home.