Securus Technologies, Putting Up Great Numbers Across the Board

Securus Technologies has been making great improvements lately. It’s no surprise that their focus is on both people and technology. The company that’s over 30 years old and based in Texas, has purchased GovPayNet. The newly acquired company specializes in processing payments for governmental agencies such as courts, motor vehicles, the IRS, and of course, correctional facilities. The company is excited to join another recently acquired company of JPay, who also works in the financial services sector of corrections. While no specific plans have been reported, the merging of the three companies is anticipated to yield great results.


Seemingly, the most important of technological innovations, are wireless containment systems. These systems provide safety for both the staff and inmates at facilities. They operate by blocking unauthorized calls and messages from being placed with contraband cellular devices. Operating like a cell tower; they block the device from being connected to its normal network. The user is notified via a recorded announcement stating that the call has been disconnected. This technology is critical, as many crimes and even a murder have been traced to illegal cell phone use in correctional facilities. While the technology is still in the testing stages, the outlook is promising. Sources claim that over a billion attempted communications have been interrupted. The WCS devices are currently in the process of being slowly introduced into more facilities.


In other news, Securus has recently earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. An “A+” score is certainly a great accomplishment for such a large company. The customer service has also made big news with over 95 percent of customers being satisfied with the service they’ve received. A first call resolution rate of over 99 percent is also a notable accomplishment. While the numbers for Securus are looking great, the company continues to put its customers first.


Logan Stout Is Sought After As A Speaker

Logan Stout is someone who has worked hard to reach various goals in his life, and he is someone who others like to see speak. The information that he shares when he gives a speech help others to do great things, and he is someone who is much sought after.

He is someone with a good track record as a leader and as a successful businessman. He is someone who others feel they can look up to, and he is someone who others fully respect. He is an overall good person, and that makes others enjoy seeing him speak.

Logan Stout founded IDLife, and it is a company that has done quite well. This company has worked with people such as Troy Aikman, and it is a company that meets the needs of all kinds of individuals. Logan Stout did well in founding this company, and he is admired for the work that he and his company have done.

Logan Stout is someone who is respected and successful entrepreneur, yet he was willing to share the details of his typical day when he was interviewed. He shared that most of his days look similar to one another. He starts by consuming the same kinds of IDLife products each day. He has a shake and then an energy drink in the morning. He spends time reading the newspaper and having a quiet time all alone in the morning. He helps his little boys get ready for school each day, and then he starts work for the day.

Logan Stout has shared that health and wellness and the search for both get him excited. When he sees more and more people trying to live healthy lifestyles, that makes him happy. He wants to see others caring for their bodies, and a health and wellness trend is something that excites him.

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Jeunesse Global Promotes Healthy Lifestyle with Generation Young

Jeunesse Global is one of the fastest-growing and most important competitors in the global health and beauty space. Founded in 2009 by industry power couple Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has been able to quickly come to dominate a number of market niches through the creation of some of the most innovative and sought-after products that have come on the scene in the last 10 years.

Jeunesse is much more than a simple health and beauty company. Through the initiative that Ray and Lewis have termed Generation Young, the company has created a sort of camaraderie that borders on a sense of family. Holding many events every year, the company is able to fly its top distributors and customers to lavish resorts around the world. These conferences often focus on healthy living and self-improvement, two of the core tenets of the Jeunesse philosophy.

The company has done more than just improve people’s health and fitness. For many Jeunesse Global distributors, working for the company has been a truly life-changing experience. With over six ways to earn money from the sale of products, recruitment of distributors and management of distribution networks, Jeunesse Global has provided its top distributors with the means to earn millions of dollars. Many of these distributors have come from regions where the average salary is just a couple dollars per day. Jeunesse has presented these people with the opportunity of a lifetime.

But the Generation Young philosophy, which has caught on like wildfire throughout much of East Asia, may be the company’s lasting legacy. Jeunesse has brought a wide number of revolutionary health and beauty products to market, helping millions of customers to become the first generation in history to be able to significantly delay the worst effects of aging. The company also engages in promotion of overall healthy lifestyles, conducting exercise classes and other means of maintaining its customers and distributors in top physical shape.

These are just a few of the things that Jeunesse Global is doing to ensure that Generation Young becomes the first ever to defy the ravages of time, extending their youth and beauty into the indefinite future.