Avaaz and the Golden World

Avaaz is a U.S. based website launched in 2007. Their CEO is Ricken Patel. The site was founded by many others as well. Their intention with Avaaz is to promote activism and change across the globe.

Taking Action

Avaaz translates to “voice” in many languages. The website lives up to their name. It allows activists create their own petitions and support others. They support initiatives such as human and animal rights. Climate change and social issues are actions they focus on as well. Avaaz also supports media campaigns and organizes offline protests. “The Guardian” considers Avaaz the largest and most powerful online activist network in the world.

Locations and Diversity

Avaaz communicates and campaigns in fifteen languages. There are thousands of people signing petitions in over 6 continents. Each of those continents hosts a core team for Avaaz. These numbers are still growing today.

Leaders, Founders, and Supporters

Ricken Patel is the British-Canadian CEO of Avaaz. Other co-founders include Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans, and Andrea Woodhouse. Avaaz was also co-founded by groups like MoveOn.org, Service Employees International Union, and Res Publica.


Avaaz is completely member-funded. They also take most of their ideas from their own members and what is important to them. The issues they focus on are the same as the collective whole. Since 2009 the website hasn’t taken any money from foundations or corporations trying to sway their agenda. This makes them accountable, independent, and responsible. This makes them a true Democracy


Avaaz unites practical idealists from around the world. Their mission is to close the gap between the world we have and the world everyone out there wants. This is according to CEO and founder Rick Patel. Their motives have been questioned like any popular media outlet. However, the legal questions against them have been proven false as they had no basis in truth. Despite a few criticisms, their vision remains the same for over a decade. Avaaz still promotes change online and in person around the world. They’re building a bridge to the golden world we all dream of.

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