Skills to Emulate from Tony Petrello’s Charitable Acts

The development of different companies has had a positive impact on the lives of people across nations. Employment opportunities have increased leading to enhanced economic growth in many countries. Nabors Industries Ltd is one of the leading natural gas drilling and geothermal companies in the United States of America. The company has interest in other parts of the continent-spanning from Asia, Europe, and Africa. The company prides itself on the effective corporate social responsibility programs it has initiated over the past few years. Tony Petrello is the chief executive officer of the company who has been responsible for its fast growth. As the president of the company, Tony Petrello first propelled the company since its inception in 1968 as Anglo Energy Ltd. It later changed the names over the years to become Nabors Industries Ltd. The company has been recognized for its significant contributions towards helping disaster victims to regain their normal lives.

For instance, Nabors Industries Ltd was very instrumental in helping the victims of the Hurricane Harvey that affected Houston and some parts of Texas in 2017. The employees of the company have developed the interest in working with the local community to ensure healthy co-existence. This has been encouraged by the chief executive officer who is very passionate about community development and CSR. As such, during the disaster, the employees of the Nabors Industries Ltd took time off to take care of the victims of the hurricane. They participated in offering relief food to the affected families across the entire region going as far as the Gulf Coast. As an appreciation from the company, Tony Petrello offered to pay them for the days they were off duty. His passion for helping the community made him organize for the relief fund called Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. Through the fund, a total of over $173,622 was collected to help the disaster victims.

Tony Petrello has a philanthropic heart and has helped many charitable organizations across Houston and Texas in general. He takes a keen interest in children and as such, Tony Petrello focused on the study of the rear neurological disorders that affect children and which is little known to the public. Through his charitable nature, he saw the need for helping children affected by the disorder by contributing over $7 million. Tony Petrello holds different degrees from Harvard University and Yale University that have been instrumental towards his success. He is married to Cynthia Petrello who is also passionate towards the humanitarian field.

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