The Successful Career of Igor Cornelsen the Investment Manager

Investment advisors advice clients about investing in stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded portfolios. Some investment advisors also manage client’s portfolios. For Igor , being an investment advisor took more than passion. Not only did he pursue education from some of the recognized institutions but also majored in helping clients to make the right investment decisions after school. Here is how he began his career.


Cornelsen was born in 1947, in Brazil’s Curitiba. He attended the Federal University of Parana and studied engineering. At the moment, it was the only institution that provided engineering in Santa Catarina. It was, therefore, the most competitive institution in the state. After two years of pursuing engineering, he decided to study economics in the same school. In 1970, Igor Cornelsen graduated and got a job at an investment bank. He was one of the high profile engineers with a unique ability to calculate complex interest rates through sliding rules. Back then, it was an invaluable skill because computers were backdated.


Cornelsen took over the sector as one of the most talented engineers to venture in banking. Eventually, he landed a job in Rio working as an investment manager at the bank. After a few years, he would become the most successful banker in Brazil’s competitive industry. He, therefore, received a promotion as a board of director in Multibanco. In 1976, he was promoted to serve as the CEO. In 1978, Multibanco was purchased by the Bank of America. Igor pursued other opportunities including being a lead investment banker at Unibanco. He worked until 1985 and left during the exploding inflation rate. He joined Libra Bank PLC, a London Merchant Bank.

The Observation

This movement marked an important point in his life. It opened a new window of opportunities in the world of investments. Following his success here, Cornelsen shifted to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he worked as a member of the board of directors. He was also a representative. Until now, Igor Cornelsen has been offering investment advice to clients. Not only is he an asset manager but an established business professional too.

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