Rocketship Education: The Best Possible Shot in Education

Washington Monthly has recently posted an article about another article that was released through NPR about the charter school Rocketship Education. The article from NPR is best described as scathing towards the California-based education system. In addition to questions about everyday policies, the article makes outlandish accusations that the school allows children to re-test to bolster their standardized testing scores. Rocketship Education and the article itself have stirred up a lot of controversy surrounding this issue. It seems that many people are hesitant to accept charter school systems but there are also those that believe they are not regulated enough. The article from Washington Monthly gives more of a balance to this broad NPR accusation.

One of the ways that the public can understand the benefits of Rocketship Education is by viewing the extreme and immediate reaction towards these accusations by the parents. In many states, there are parents lobbying for the presence of a Rocketship Education charter school and in the areas where it exists, there are parents on waiting lists to enroll their children. Such popularity for the school would not exist if it were guilty of half of the things that the NPR article asserts. Additionally, the founders and faculty members of the school system assure the public that they do not allow children to retest simply to get a better score. In fact, they are testing policies are quite strict when it comes to standardized exams and they do not allow retesting. A simple look at their numbers will show that their retest rate is quite low.

When viewing the article from NPR it is very clear that the author did not visit a facility that would give them a picture of the entire situation. In fact, the truth is that she did not visit a facility at all. Children will continue to benefit from the school programs and there will always be people who feel threatened by different types of opportunities. The standards off of which these facilities operate dictate that they give the children under their tutelage the best possible shot towards their education.

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