Peter Briger’s Excellent Track Record Is Something That Fortress Investment Group Values

With Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger is currently serving both as a chairman and a principal at the company. Both domestically and internationally, Mr. Briger has a history of business deals that have been bot important and successful. 2002 was when Peter Briger first joined up with the Fortress Investment Group team, and he made his influence known quite quickly by creating a new section of the organization dedicate to real estate and securities. Fortress Investment Group was created back in 1998, and it has since gone on to become a strong private equity management firm. When it came to raising funds for the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fun IV, Peter Briger and his talented team wasted no time, and their efforts resulted in raising close to $5 billion.

Briger’s wealth of experience in high level finance was well-received at Fortress Investment Group, and he was able to yield for the organization some strikingly high returns. Eventually, Fortress Investment Group made the choice to make alternative assets a more important part of the company’s investing strategy. The company was able to acquire some of these at a much lower price than traditional investing opportunities, and the alternative investing strategies payed off in spades for the prominent finance management company. Clearly, Peter Briger is extraordinarily valuable to the success of Fortress Investment Group’s operations thanks to the wealth of knowledge he possesses as a result of all of his past experiences.

Calculated risks are something that Mr. Briger is exceptionally skilled at examining. When he finds an alternative asset that he believes to have great potential and a price far below its value, he knows that this is a remarkable opportunity to later sell these assets at a price significantly higher than the comparatively small sum that they were initially acquired for. Briger’s timing has been spot on throughout his career, and Fortress is certainly benefiting greatly from that. Goldman Sachs was a company at which Peter Briger acquired a lot of precious experience in the financial industry before finally finding his place at Fortress Investment Group, and he was on a variety of different committees during his time there.

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