Tempus Plans To Expand Internationally After Latest Funding Round

Tempus Inc. was co-founded by tech entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky after someone in his family was diagnosed with cancer. While helping them through the treatment process he was befuddled by just how hamstrung physicians are when it comes to the technology they use to treat this deadly disease. Having been in the technology sector for over 25 years he thought that there simply had to be a better way and so after partnering with one of his long-time business partners Tempus was born. Tempus is based in Chicago, Illinois, like all of the companies Eric Lefkosky has been a part of founding.

They take a data-driven approach using the genomic sequencing data from prior cancer patients to create a database that physicians can use to develop personalized treatment plans for their patients with cancer. The goal is that by analyzing people’s genetic information and comparing it against the genetic info from prior patient’s it will be easier for physicians to identify what treatment options will most likely help their patients. This company has had two funding rounds this year. Their Series D round took place in March and they raised $80 million.

The Series E round was in August and another $110 million was raised. The British venture capitalist firm Baillee Gifford took the lead in this latest round. Three other companies that have invested in Tempus before also participated which were T. Rowe Price, New Enterprise Associates, and Revolution Growth. The money they raised in this latest round will be used to expand what Tempus offers into international markets. They will also be gathering more genetic sequencing data and incorporating it into their database. With around 500 employees and counting they recently relocated their headquarters to the Groupon Building in downtown Chicago in order to have room to expand their operations.

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