The Contribution of Sheldon Lavin to OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has maintained a good reputation in the food processing industry since his entry nearly 43 years ago. Much of the success of the OSI Group in the global arena is attributable to his leadership strategies and ideas. He was introduced to the OSI Group at a time when the Otto & Sons was breaking into the international market. He was best suited for the position owing to his experience in the banking sector and good knowledge of the market. Also, he had, prior to that, been in the capitalization efforts of Otto & Sons capitalization.

Prior to joining the company as the CEO, he offered critical financial advices to the Otto & Sons as a consultant. Since he joined OSI group in the 1970s, his efforts have been geared towards fueling the global growth of the company. His inclusion as the CEO of OSI Group would be monumental in steering the company towards the much needed sophistication in the industry. In the early years after taking over from the Kolschowsky family, Lavin took advantage of his excellent negotiation skills to source for possible investments overseas. Before the end of his first decade at the company, his efforts had started paying off as the group successfully ventured into new markets in North America and Europe. His expansion efforts would later reach other parts of the world such as Australia, Japan, South Africa and Philippines among others.

Sheldon Lavin has helped in making a number of strategic decisions at the company, especially with regard to his expansion focus. Through his leadership, OSI Group has acquired a number of firms in different countries. Some of OSI’s recent purchases include Baho foods and Flagship Europe among others, in moves that have not only led to more profit for the company, but also positioned the company as the market leader. Today, OSI offers employment to over 20,000 employees across the 16 nations where its 65 facilities operate.

Sheldon Lavin is now a globally renowned leader recognized for his efforts not only in the food processing industry, but also in other field like philanthropy, participating in charities across the world. He has received various awards including the coveted Global Visionary Award.


Starting as just a financial consultant, Sheldon Lavin has managed to build a multinational business out of one-dimensional supplier. His extra ordinary passion in the food processing industry has constantly acted as a drive towards providing the best for its customers. OSI group continues to tap into his excellent leadership as the CEO, as the company aims for even greater heights.


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