The Noteworthy Life Of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire in 1913. His career began in Glasgow when he was a teenager. He worked for the Glasgow Evening Herald as a telephone boy prior to becoming an editor and writer for the same publication. He also compiled crosswords and contributed to the front page. He discovered the recreational scene of the city and began rock climbing.

In 1935, as per, Alastair Borthwick went to work for the Daily Mirror as a reporter. When he was fired a year later, he went into the field of radio broadcasting. In 1934, he mentioned his love of rock climbing to his producer, James Fergusson. This led to a radio talk show and revealed his talent for broadcasting. His relaxed and friendly manner led to his first broadcast in 1934.

Alastair Borthwick served in World as II as an intelligence officer for the Seaforth Highlanders. He traveled 3,000 miles across Europe and North Africa in 1942. He helped in the invasion of Sicily after the defeat of Rommel. He assisted in securing the Holland’s canal zone prior to fighting in vicious battles in Germany before crossing the Rhine.

Alastair Borthwick escaped heavy shelling and mines in North Africa, tank ambushes in Sicily and combat and snipers in northern Europe. His most vivid memory was leading a group of 600 men through the darkness and past the front line in Germany. He navigated using maps known to be inaccurate. After the war, he moved to the Isle of Jura with his wife in 1945. He remained here for seven years before moving to Islay.

Scotland’s Secretary of State enlisted Alastair Borthwick for the Festival of Britain celebrations in 1951. He was responsible for the Festival of Heavy Engineering but the attendance was poor. His broadcasting career balked when television was introduced. The demand for his talent resumed due to the invention of the autocue and he began scripting documentaries.

Alastair Borthwick, an inspirational man, lived on a farm in Ayrshire for the next thirty years. He spent his last five years in Beith in a nursing home. He considered himself to be a journeyman writer, was always printable and never once missed a deadline.

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Gareth Henry Is A Jamaican Hero For LGBT Rights

Jamaica has been notoriously known to be a country where homophobia is extremely common and deadly. Which makes the courage of Gareth Henry even more notable. Henry, born Gareth Andre Therodore Henry in Mandeville, Jamaica on August 10, 1991, is a well known badminton player. He has competed at the Commonwealth Games as well as the Pan American Games. From 2008 to 2016 he teamed up with his sister, Gerodine Henry, won the mixed doubles title at the Jamaican National Badminton Championships.

As a child, Gareth Henry was called a “batty man”, which is Jamaican slang for homosexual men. He officially “came out” as a gay man at the age of 16. he became the head of the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays (J-Flag). He took over after its leader Brian Williamson was stabbed to death in 2004. Over the course of four years he had to identify the bodies of 13 of his gay friends who were murdered. Gareth Henry continued help other gay men, some who had been diagnosed with AIDS/HIV and were disowned by their families. In 2007 he was beaten by police officers in a Kingston pharmacy in front of approximately 200 people. In 2008 Henry fled to Canada to seek asylum after he claimed to received police death threats.

Gareth Henry currently resides in Toronto where he volunteers for Rainbow Railroad, a nonprofit which helps LGBTQ people around the world to relocate amidst violence and death threats.

OSI Group History and New Sustainability Initiatives

The 63rd largest private company on Forbes list of 2018, with just over $6 billion in revenue, is the meat processing holding company OSI Group. The group got its name from “Otto and Sons” originally: a few German immigrants living in Chicago who processed and sold meats. Now located in Aurora, Illinois, the company has gained much of its growth from becoming one of McDonalds’ four main suppliers. Being that McDonald’s’ first store was opened in Des Plaines, Illinois (only 40 minutes away from Chicago), its no wonder that Otto and Sons were chosen as a supplier for the food giant.

As McDonalds grew, so did Otto and Sons. Eventually they outgrew their name and needed something more professional, so they went with OSI which is the shortened version of Otto and Sons, Incorporated. OSI group not only now serves the entirety of America but it also serves the world. With 5,000 locations worldwide, OSI Group now serves Europe and Asia. In Europe, OSI was able to acquire the Baho group out of the Netherlands in addition to the Creative Foods Europe group in order to fulfill McDonalds and other food stores’ needs in the region. And more recently in Asia, CEO Sheldon Lavin has worked with his team to source local Taiwanese partnerships which better serve the needs of the Chinese and greater Asian markets through a new company called OSI Asia.

OSI Group is the largest foods producer in the world, and Mr. Lavin has won numerous awards including the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award and the California Green Business Award. With the addition of Nicole Johnson-Hoffman in 2017, the company’s push to more sustainable means of production has helped OSI Group tremendously. Ms. Johnson-Hoffman is already the VP of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.


Vintage Chanel from The RealReal

There is nothing like the satisfaction of slipping on a luxe piece of vintage Chanel. The RealReal carries some of the best pieces on the market. For example, the iconic chain belts made popular on the runways of the 1990s are making a comeback. The heavier the chain, the more likely you turn heads with your legendary style. You can see an example of this look on a recent Instagram post on the RealReal’s account.

Chain belts work with everything from jeans to little black dresses. They easily dress up a casual look from the office to a nigh out on the town. The RealReal always has a selection of Chanel chain belts on offer from vintage that is only a couple of years old to pieces of much higher value from Madame Chanel’s era herself. The beauty of an online vintage store is that the stock is constantly updating with new items. If an item you want has been sold, you will not wait long until a new one pops up!

Chanel will never go out of style, and a piece like a chain belt is an investment in your wardrobe. You can wear it all year long to holidays parties or summer vacations. This is one piece you do not want to miss out on as it is sure to be a defining piece in your wardrobe. If you want to knock your style up a notch, check out the chain belts on the RealReal. They may come with charms, be decked out in pearls or be multi-layered. The key is to find a belt the best suits your personal style. Pick a simple belt if you like to keep things classic, but a heavy layered belt of pearls is great way to make your subtle style stand out!