OSI Group History and New Sustainability Initiatives

The 63rd largest private company on Forbes list of 2018, with just over $6 billion in revenue, is the meat processing holding company OSI Group. The group got its name from “Otto and Sons” originally: a few German immigrants living in Chicago who processed and sold meats. Now located in Aurora, Illinois, the company has gained much of its growth from becoming one of McDonalds’ four main suppliers. Being that McDonald’s’ first store was opened in Des Plaines, Illinois (only 40 minutes away from Chicago), its no wonder that Otto and Sons were chosen as a supplier for the food giant.

As McDonalds grew, so did Otto and Sons. Eventually they outgrew their name and needed something more professional, so they went with OSI which is the shortened version of Otto and Sons, Incorporated. OSI group not only now serves the entirety of America but it also serves the world. With 5,000 locations worldwide, OSI Group now serves Europe and Asia. In Europe, OSI was able to acquire the Baho group out of the Netherlands in addition to the Creative Foods Europe group in order to fulfill McDonalds and other food stores’ needs in the region. And more recently in Asia, CEO Sheldon Lavin has worked with his team to source local Taiwanese partnerships which better serve the needs of the Chinese and greater Asian markets through a new company called OSI Asia.

OSI Group is the largest foods producer in the world, and Mr. Lavin has won numerous awards including the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award and the California Green Business Award. With the addition of Nicole Johnson-Hoffman in 2017, the company’s push to more sustainable means of production has helped OSI Group tremendously. Ms. Johnson-Hoffman is already the VP of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

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