OSI Food Solutions doubles chicken production

OSI Food Solutions has a production plant in Spain. The plant is mainly used for the production of meat products that are primarily supplied to Spain and Portugal. The main products from this plant include beef, pork, and chicken. In recent times, the food company has been taking its expansion operations to another level with a lot of attention going to expanding operations outside the United States. It is in the aim of increasing production activity that this company has come up with a plan that will see the production of chicken products double. The company has added a new production line that has the capacity to produce 24,000 tons of chicken products every year. Before the expansion, it could only produce 12,000 tons of products.

After the expansion, OSI Food Solutions is now in a position to produce over 45,000 tons of meat products from this plant. There is good news to the local community-based in Toledo, Spain as 20 new job opportunities have been created in this company. The new increase has pushed the number of employees in the plant to 160. Among the new positions is that of the product development manager. This position is mandated with the role of improving the products portfolio of the company.

According to the managing director of OSI Food Solutions in this region, the expansion was necessitated by an increase in demand for chicken products. In the past one decade, there has been a consistent increase by six percent every year. In the past three years, there has been a significant shift with demand rising to eight percent. The increase has pushed the company to improve its production capacity to meet the needs of the market. The company expects the trend to maintain in coming years, a factor that will push the company to produce more.

The expansion of the company includes additional 22,600 square feet. The expansion consists of a product development kitchen that will be used to test new products as well as testing the needs of the customers. After the increase, almost every part of the plant has recorded some improvement. OSI Food Solutions is ready to change the food production industry as indicated by its recent moves.

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Efforts that Serge Belamant is making to protect the Patent to the Blockchain Technology that He Invented

Everyone agrees with the fact that Blockchain technology is the next big thing in the world of technology. Currently, a vast number of bank transactions and other financial transactions taking place online are based on this technology. Most people probably heard about the technology because of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and the others, but the reality is that the technology has been there since the ‘80s. Serge Belamant is one of the few people who was involved in the creation of the technology behind Blockchain. He has been in court seeking to get legal rights over the intellectual property that he created.

Serge Belamant was born in France; he spent part of his childhood in France before his family moved to South Africa. He studied at the University of Witwatersrand before he moved to the UK. He was one of the founders of Net1, one of the most successful technology companies in the creation of products based on Blockchain technology. Serge Belamant is a man who has been through a lot. He started Net1 as a one-person show, but when the company expanded, he had to bring other people on board. Not everyone is pleased with the fact that after working 27 years for a company that was both his dream and passion, he has had to let it go.

When asked how he feels about the fact that he has parted ways with the rest of the group, Serge states that he has learned that in life, not everything will have to go according to plan. He said that when he was the boss, people treated him with that respect, but now that he has left, it has become a little different. He, however, states that most of the times, it is the people who work the hardest to bring technology to the world that does not get the recognition they deserve for it.

Serge Belamant believes that the future is Blockchain technology. He adds that even though at present, it may not seem like there will be much of a future for him in the company, he will leave his mark in the world.

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Rebel Wilson the Latest Addition to the Cats

The list of casts in the upcoming movie adaptation Cats continues to grow with the latest addition being Rebel Wilson. She will be playing as Jennyanydots. Jennyanydotsis an old Gumbie cat who is very lazy.

Though lazy with cockroaches as her helpers, she loves teaching mice, dancing and cooking. The list of casts includes Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, James Corden, Laurie Davidson, Judy Dench, Steven McRae, Francesca Hayward, Ian McKellen, and Jennifer Hudson.

Rebel Wilson shot to the limelight in 2015 when she played Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. She has also cast in Bridesmaids, Isn’t It Romantic and Bachelorette. The take on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical will be directed by Tom Hooper.

Cats are said to hit movie theaters in December 20, 2019. Wilson has won the hearts of many worlds over. However, her journey to success has not been a rosy one.

Born in 1980 in Sydney in Australia, Wilson reveals that she was a shy kid while growing up. Her mum one day drove her to a community acting class, but Rebel was crying and hesitant to get out of the car.

Her mum dropped her and would be back for her in two hours’ time. In 15 she decided to change her personality after she read that one’s character is stamped at 15. To speak up more, she joined debate clubs. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/10/pitch-perfect-4-rebel-wilson and https://www.broadway.com/buzz/194108/rebel-wilson-to-play-jennyanydots-in-cats-film/

Thanks to her high school drama teacher who encouraged her to join a creative tournament, she would never have come out of her shell. She attended an all-girls high school where they were encouraged to pursue the career of their choice.

Rebel later attended the University of New South Wales and the Australian Theater for Young People. It is in these places that her acting career was properly founded. She initially did not start off from the comedy lane.

However, whenever she got on stage before saying anything, people would just start laughing at her and the thought that fat is funny came to her. This realization became her winning card to Hollywood. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

She moved to the United States to West Hollywood in 30 years in 2010. Initially, nobody thought she would bring down the acting sceneries. She has managed to prove the doubting Thomas wrong and has beaten the odds. She has not decided to become an American citizen yet.

She says being different has helped her as her agent mentioned they have nobody with such looks as her yet and they signed her up on her second day.

She mentioned that she really is not the kind of person who is disturbed by her looks. However, being in the public limelight she gets to try a little. Her addition to Cats is a move her fans will take with gladness.