As The Chief Of CVC and GJP Hotels and Resorts, Guilherme Paulus Has Positively Affected The Economy Of Brazil In The Last Few Decades

Guilherme Paulus is a renowned Entrepreneur in South America. He was 24 years old when he founded CVC, which is currently the largest tour operator in Brazil. CVC is currently considered as a premium tour operator by all the countries in South America, the Caribbean, and the United States.

In 1972, Guilherme Paulus co-founded the company along with the then famous Brazilian politician Carlos Vincente Cerchiari who left the company soon in 1976. Guilherme exhibited amazing entrepreneurial skills at such a tender age and today he owns a chain of hotels and an airliner.

In 2013, the tour operator went from being a private company for decades directly to the stock market exchange and made its shares available for purchase. Today CVC generates a staggering revenue of $5.2 billion every year. There are 400 CVC travel agency stores spread throughout the shopping malls of the country. Currently, they have more than 30,000 business partners all over the globe. Guilherme Paulus wanted to do more for the citizens of the company and in 2005 founded the renowned GJP Resorts and Hotels. Currently, it has 19 hotels under its management and has plans to build more near airports for the convenience of the tourists and the citizens.

In the last decade, he took a leap of faith and acquired the failing airliner called Webjet which had only one fully-operational aircraft at the time. In 2011, Webjet was announced as the 3rd largest airline in the country and the credit completely went to Guilherme Paulus for his unique approach and creative thought process. His ventures in the last 50 years have increased the overall economic status of the country.

Apart from being a successful businessman, he is also known for taking out time from his busy schedule to provide financial assistance to various charities in the country. One of the many non-profit organizations he assists is called the PIET project which focuses on educating adolescents and youngsters equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to work in the tourism industry. His focus is mainly on funding the education and other essentials for children from low-income families.

Tempus Plans To Expand Internationally After Latest Funding Round

Tempus Inc. was co-founded by tech entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky after someone in his family was diagnosed with cancer. While helping them through the treatment process he was befuddled by just how hamstrung physicians are when it comes to the technology they use to treat this deadly disease. Having been in the technology sector for over 25 years he thought that there simply had to be a better way and so after partnering with one of his long-time business partners Tempus was born. Tempus is based in Chicago, Illinois, like all of the companies Eric Lefkosky has been a part of founding.

They take a data-driven approach using the genomic sequencing data from prior cancer patients to create a database that physicians can use to develop personalized treatment plans for their patients with cancer. The goal is that by analyzing people’s genetic information and comparing it against the genetic info from prior patient’s it will be easier for physicians to identify what treatment options will most likely help their patients. This company has had two funding rounds this year. Their Series D round took place in March and they raised $80 million.

The Series E round was in August and another $110 million was raised. The British venture capitalist firm Baillee Gifford took the lead in this latest round. Three other companies that have invested in Tempus before also participated which were T. Rowe Price, New Enterprise Associates, and Revolution Growth. The money they raised in this latest round will be used to expand what Tempus offers into international markets. They will also be gathering more genetic sequencing data and incorporating it into their database. With around 500 employees and counting they recently relocated their headquarters to the Groupon Building in downtown Chicago in order to have room to expand their operations.

Peter Briger’s Excellent Track Record Is Something That Fortress Investment Group Values

With Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger is currently serving both as a chairman and a principal at the company. Both domestically and internationally, Mr. Briger has a history of business deals that have been bot important and successful. 2002 was when Peter Briger first joined up with the Fortress Investment Group team, and he made his influence known quite quickly by creating a new section of the organization dedicate to real estate and securities. Fortress Investment Group was created back in 1998, and it has since gone on to become a strong private equity management firm. When it came to raising funds for the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fun IV, Peter Briger and his talented team wasted no time, and their efforts resulted in raising close to $5 billion.

Briger’s wealth of experience in high level finance was well-received at Fortress Investment Group, and he was able to yield for the organization some strikingly high returns. Eventually, Fortress Investment Group made the choice to make alternative assets a more important part of the company’s investing strategy. The company was able to acquire some of these at a much lower price than traditional investing opportunities, and the alternative investing strategies payed off in spades for the prominent finance management company. Clearly, Peter Briger is extraordinarily valuable to the success of Fortress Investment Group’s operations thanks to the wealth of knowledge he possesses as a result of all of his past experiences.

Calculated risks are something that Mr. Briger is exceptionally skilled at examining. When he finds an alternative asset that he believes to have great potential and a price far below its value, he knows that this is a remarkable opportunity to later sell these assets at a price significantly higher than the comparatively small sum that they were initially acquired for. Briger’s timing has been spot on throughout his career, and Fortress is certainly benefiting greatly from that. Goldman Sachs was a company at which Peter Briger acquired a lot of precious experience in the financial industry before finally finding his place at Fortress Investment Group, and he was on a variety of different committees during his time there.

Roberto Santiago: the Great Retail Businessman

It is an investment that has led to the region in which, besides public investments in urban infrastructure, there are also several commercial companies.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping also provides a lot of entertainment to João Pessoa. There are more than ten rooms equipped with modern and up-to-date display devices – there are VIP rooms, 3D room and Stadium System, the one with armchairs that are arranged as if they were bleachers to give the clients greater visibility. For those who enjoy bowling, the Manaíra slopes are modern and electronic. And for those who prefer electronic gaming machines, Shopping has more than 200, with several styles that suit all tastes and ages.


Roberto Santiago studied at one of the most traditional teaching institutions in Joao Pessoa – Pio X Marist College. His first business was a carton company. In the “hobby” category, Paraiba is a sports fan – he is passionate about Karts, motocross, snow skiing and jet skiing.


Despite the economic crisis that the country is going through, swimming against the tide are the malls, we can say. At least, it was found, in the past year, more precisely 2015, that they were growing at an average rate of 6.5%, throughout the country. Thus, at the same time, this sector came to bill R $ 150 billion, according to the census that was then released by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce). And among the most outstanding, since last year were some of the malls in Paraíba. Of these, one still stands out, either for overcoming the crisis, or for existing as the largest commercial center of the area, the capital of the state in question. We are talking about Manaira Shopping, a successful enterprise of entrepreneur Roberto Santiago.


The entrepreneur has as one of the foundations of this success the continuity that gives the bets on leisure options, fun and comfort for customers who frequent the establishment. This strategy has not only allowed him to overcome the crisis in a sense of survival, but to the point of being able to inaugurate a new mall, Mangabeira Shopping, in the case, also located in the capital of Paraiba, which Roberto Santiago inaugurated in partnership with Alberto Wanderley.


But better dismantling these bets that have brought good income, soon stands out, in this environment idealized by Roberto Santiago himself, the presence of various options of entertainment and entertainment of the general public. No wonder that in the mall you can reserve, in addition to the ballroom, also amusement park, bowling alleys and movie theaters. This last item, it is said, continues as one of its strengths, since Manaira Shopping, in all, has 11 movie theaters. And equipped with the most modern, worth to score. After all, it is not every establishment that offers besides 3D rooms, also VIP rooms and those of System Stadium. Not to mention the continuity of the high standard in the portion of food consumption, which does not offer simple popcorn and butter, but the so-called gourmet popcorn, as well as sweet and also drinks bar.


Avaaz and the Golden World

Avaaz is a U.S. based website launched in 2007. Their CEO is Ricken Patel. The site was founded by many others as well. Their intention with Avaaz is to promote activism and change across the globe.

Taking Action

Avaaz translates to “voice” in many languages. The website lives up to their name. It allows activists create their own petitions and support others. They support initiatives such as human and animal rights. Climate change and social issues are actions they focus on as well. Avaaz also supports media campaigns and organizes offline protests. “The Guardian” considers Avaaz the largest and most powerful online activist network in the world.

Locations and Diversity

Avaaz communicates and campaigns in fifteen languages. There are thousands of people signing petitions in over 6 continents. Each of those continents hosts a core team for Avaaz. These numbers are still growing today.

Leaders, Founders, and Supporters

Ricken Patel is the British-Canadian CEO of Avaaz. Other co-founders include Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans, and Andrea Woodhouse. Avaaz was also co-founded by groups like, Service Employees International Union, and Res Publica.


Avaaz is completely member-funded. They also take most of their ideas from their own members and what is important to them. The issues they focus on are the same as the collective whole. Since 2009 the website hasn’t taken any money from foundations or corporations trying to sway their agenda. This makes them accountable, independent, and responsible. This makes them a true Democracy


Avaaz unites practical idealists from around the world. Their mission is to close the gap between the world we have and the world everyone out there wants. This is according to CEO and founder Rick Patel. Their motives have been questioned like any popular media outlet. However, the legal questions against them have been proven false as they had no basis in truth. Despite a few criticisms, their vision remains the same for over a decade. Avaaz still promotes change online and in person around the world. They’re building a bridge to the golden world we all dream of.

Jacob Gottlieb’s Road to Financial Success with Visium

Jacob Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, New York to immigrant parents who came from Poland to the United States in the 1960s. His father, Max Gottlieb, is a professor of economics and his mother, Dr. Helena Gottlieb, is a pediatrician. This mixed family dynamic sparked his love for both industries and allowed him to understand the similarities in both. It is his belief that both stockbrokers and physicians need to know how to take and handle risks. Similar to how doctors must understand and eliminate risks for their patients’ best interest, so must Wall Street brokers attempt to minimize the risk of the moves they make for their clients.


He was inspired to get involved in the financial market from a young age when he won a contest in school that required him to select stocks to invest in. Seeing his son’s expertise in stock selection, his father helped Jacob to open an investment trading account of his own. Even as a child, Jacob showed entrepreneurial interest and would often sell drinks he had purchased from a local grocer to busy golfers as they grew thirsty.


Dr. Gottlieb obtained his M.D from New York University Medical School which allowed him to have an internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital. He then decided that pursuing a career in the medical field was not for him and he instead decided to focus on his love for the stock market, becoming a specialist in finances with a B.A in economics that he received from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.


Dr. Gottlieb also has an interest in giving back to his community. He works alongside Math for America, a fellowship program in New York City that prompts the start of new educational programs all across the country. Math for America gathers some of the most successful teachers in the city to create professional collaborative projects and communities that encourage community development and teacher advancement by supporting mathematics and science teachers around the country.


Jacob Gottlieb has received many awards in his career, most notably the Association for Investment Management and Research’s Chartered Financial Analyst award, or CFA, in 2001.


Logan Stout Is Sought After As A Speaker

Logan Stout is someone who has worked hard to reach various goals in his life, and he is someone who others like to see speak. The information that he shares when he gives a speech help others to do great things, and he is someone who is much sought after.

He is someone with a good track record as a leader and as a successful businessman. He is someone who others feel they can look up to, and he is someone who others fully respect. He is an overall good person, and that makes others enjoy seeing him speak.

Logan Stout founded IDLife, and it is a company that has done quite well. This company has worked with people such as Troy Aikman, and it is a company that meets the needs of all kinds of individuals. Logan Stout did well in founding this company, and he is admired for the work that he and his company have done.

Logan Stout is someone who is respected and successful entrepreneur, yet he was willing to share the details of his typical day when he was interviewed. He shared that most of his days look similar to one another. He starts by consuming the same kinds of IDLife products each day. He has a shake and then an energy drink in the morning. He spends time reading the newspaper and having a quiet time all alone in the morning. He helps his little boys get ready for school each day, and then he starts work for the day.

Logan Stout has shared that health and wellness and the search for both get him excited. When he sees more and more people trying to live healthy lifestyles, that makes him happy. He wants to see others caring for their bodies, and a health and wellness trend is something that excites him.

Learn more about Logan Stout:

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is a Great Place to Buy Gifts

It is still summer. However, it is never too early to think about Christmas gifts. After all, the holiday season comes quickly and one is going to need to be prepared for the type of gifts that he is going to be giving all of the people in his life. However, the only thing is that there are tons of challenges. For one thing, it can be very frustrating to have to drive around a lot in order to find the stores that carry the items to get as gifts. Fortunately, Roberto Santiago has made sure that Manaira Shopping has a wide variety when it comes to retailers.


For gift buying, people have plenty of options. All they have to do is think about what their friends and families are into. Then they can buy items that they are sure that they would like. Fortunately, there are a lot of stores that will bring forth some amazing gift ideas that people will love. This is one of the best aspects of the mall. Therefore, people can get some of the shopping out of the way before the holiday rush starts. Also, for people don’t quite have enough money saved for Christmas, they can take notes of the items that are available and do some Christmas shopping for later.


For people looking for ideas on what they can do for the holidays, Manaira Shopping offers plenty for people. Another thing they offer for people is entertainment. All one has to do is look at the calendar in order to find out when a good event is playing and then they can take their friends or families to see the event as a gift to them.


Manaira Shopping is the one stop shop for everything that one can think about. People can even go to Manaira Shopping for education and legal services. The best part about this is the variety that it offers for everyone that comes to the mall. Every visitor is going to find something to enjoy about this place. The products that one can buy for gifts are a bonus on such a great experience.




Livio Bisterzo: Change The World Two Peas At A Time

Nowadays, you can control how your life will impact the world by choosing healthy, socially-conscious products and services. Green Park Brands gives you healthy food and a great message. Join CEO Livio Bisterzo in changing the world, two peas at a time!

Mama Said Eat Your Peas

Are you sick of unhealthy snacks? Are you sick of the world getting worse and worse? Send a message, by supporting a great brand of healthy food made by some of those 1970s Hippeas. Are you ready to #GivePeasAChance?

These are rockin’ flavors. You can choose from 6 x different chickpea products: Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power, Happenin’ Hickory, Maple Haze, Vegan White Cheddar and Sriracha Sunshine. The CEO of Green Park Brands Livio Bisterzo said that “HIPPEAS embodies every major snacking global trend, while delivering a very powerful, emotional storyline to our millennial audience.”

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According to, these peas snacks are available at Starbucks, but they might be added to some large retailers also. These “taste good” and “do good” – just like your mama said. And it gets better!

Have Fun & Eat Healthy

Not only is Livio Bisterzo providing you with a great product, but his company is also supporting a great charity. HIPPEAS will donate to Farm Africa of rural eastern Africa. For each pack that is sold, a portion of the sales will support chickpea farmers in eastern Africa. It is win-win for everyone.

The Green Park Holdings has stronger suppliers and you have better food. This is non-GMO. You are getting the real deal. Change the world two peas at a time with CEO Livio Bisterzo. If you want to be part of the solution, you can visit Green Park Brands.