To Get A Butt Lift in Dallas or To Not Get A Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

When you think of butt lift surgery, what cities tend to come to mind? For most people, the cities of Miami, New York, San Diego or Los Angeles will pop-up, but did you know that the city of Dallas has become a top choice? That’s correct! Dallas, Texas, is at the top of its game for butt lift surgery, and it hosts some of the finest of medical professionals. The Brazilian butt lift is the “go-to” weapon of choice for people who want a bit more booty. This procedure is great because it’s all about transferring fatty tissue from other body parts to your backside.


First things first. Any and all patients who want to undergo this procedure will need to have enough extra body fat on their body to begin with. This fat can be on your thighs, on your back or on your stomach. Without the extra fat, the patient wouldn’t have anything body mass to transfer into the buttocks. Another great tip to know for patients is that you must maintain your current body weight before and after the surgery is completed. Remember, this is still a surgical procedure and if you start to manipulate your body’s structure in any way, the results could be negative. The fat that’s being transferred will be purified before it goes back into your body. In some cases, the patient may need to gain a few pounds before the actual surgery.


As you can see, there is a lot of regulations that are put into place before the surgery begins. Here are some of the better butt lift surgery institutions in Dallas.



  • Innovations Medical


  • Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center


  • BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa


  • And others

Dr. David Samadi Launches A Live Broadcast To Address Health Issues

Dr. David Samadi graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry. He undertook his M.D. in 1994 at Stony Brook Medical School. David attended Montefiore Medical Center where he earned his postgraduate training in Urology. He also underwent training in proctology in 1996 at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Samadi began his medical practice at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He moved to Lenox Hill Hospital together with his team in 2013.

Dr. David Samadi is expected to start hosting his show that will be focusing on health-related topics. The show, which is known as Sunday Housecall with DR. David Samadi will be airing every week. He is the current chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hospital. Besides, Dr. David is the chairperson of Urology at the same hospital, which is located in New York City. Dr. David’s show aims at informing viewers on the current happenings in the medical sector and dealing with treatments options for various diseases.


You can view the program live on Facebook, YouTube live and Twitter. Dr. David plans to host numerous guests for the program, including experts in the wellness and health sector as well as the medical field. Dr. David, the host, together with his guests will be tackling topics such as maintaining good health and answer various health questions. Mainly, the live broadcast will pay attention to prostate health, exercise, men’s and women’s health, common diseases, and sexual health.

Dr. Samadi notes that viewers will enjoy asking questions through telephone or email while it is being aired since it is a live broadcast. The questions will be answered by Dr. David Samadi or by the medical expert guest being hosted in the show. Dr. Samadi will feature any medical expert on his program as a guest if they have a medical product or have designed a health product that has been peer-reviewed. Other people who are qualified to be invited as guests to the show are medical professionals who have written books on health issues or are professionals in the wellness and health genre.

Dr. Samadi has made television appearances a couple of times. He is also good at communication, which makes him an ideal host for his show. He stepped into a new role when he started making appearances on television, which made him a medical consultant for Fox News Channel in 2009. Dr. David also became a Fox News Contributor in the same year for the channel with the aim of enlightening the public on matters concerning technologies, newest discoveries, and research taking place in the medical sector.