Run-Away Crime Levels in New Brunswick, NJ – The Pizza Shooting Case

New Brunswick, NJ, unfortunately, records crime levels higher than the national average. Some areas record more crimes than others, and the Quincy apartment complex in New Street and Liberty Street is especially in a dire situation.

The Pizza Shooting

One particular case of robberies and murders in and near this apartment complex involved a pizza delivery man. The pizza man received an order from one of the apartments’ occupiers and had to question nearly 200 residents, all of who said that they had not made any orders. The man decided to head back, but unfortunately for him, three men had lured him into a trap.

The pizza man found three men waiting for him next to his car, and they seemed intent on robbing him. They robbed him of his money as well as the pizza, and one of the men proceeded to shoot him as they were fleeing.

Near the same area, another man checked into the ER with gunshot wounds that seemed to have been related from the pizza shooting incident.

Slow Justice

In this case, the police were able to conduct conclusive investigations that led to the arrest and prosecution of one suspect. The police tracked the cell phone which was used to contact the pizzeria. The suspect was charged with several counts including unlawful possession of a weapon, giving wrong information, obstruction of justice, and robbery.

A Long-Running Battle

New Brunswick, NJ has a long history of violence. White families were reportedly prone to domestic and gang feuds. When the minority communities started moving in, the white community made its exit, but the violence persisted. It has only been getting worse with the current poverty and unemployment levels as well as easy access to guns.

However, the local authorities are exploring ways of addressing the underlying problems that are fueling this violence – mainly unemployment. Rutgers University and Johnson & Johnson made a public-private partnership that proposed the building of hotels and a Johnson & Johnson outlet in the area to boost employment levels and stimulate economic growth. This, however, has been marred by controversy as the groups were accused of plotting to kick out the minority community in this area and make room for wealthy occupants looking to move in. So far, raids have been conducted in several apartments to snuff out illegal immigrants, and some neighborhoods have been demolished and hotels built in their place.