Betsy DeVos Has a Plan for the Faulty Education System

Betsy DeVos did her best to ensure that she was doing things right and she knew that if she was able to make things better for different people that she would be able to do it but she also knew that things were difficult and that some people just didn’t want the help that she had to provide to them. While Betsy DeVos has done different things in education, her philanthropic opportunities have been among the best. They are what has allowed her the chance to do more and to try different things so that she can show people that their lives will get better. She also knows that things will continue to make more sense for her so that her educational experience will help her to grow as someone who can make major decisions about education and the things that are associated with it.


Ever since Betsy DeVos first started helping out with education, she has had a plan to improve public education. She knows that not all students fit into the box that public education is all about and she wants to change the things that can happen for these same students. She also wants to show them that there is more to life than just test-taking and that all of the things that they work on in school should have an impact on their lives in the future. It is what has allowed Betsy DeVos the chance to experience more and has given her the opportunity that she needs to have a successful life.


Out of all of the things that she has done, Betsy DeVos knows that the best things are the ones that will make her life better. She also tries her best to show them what it is like to be a giving person and sets a good example with her philanthropy. In fact, she is so interested in being philanthropic, that she has gotten her whole family involved and it is something that they regularly do together so that they can make a difference in the world that they live in.


Betsy DeVos knows that things can always change and that students will always have a way to learn thanks to the opportunities that she created. She continues to help other people out with the issues that they have and she knows that her experience will nearly always pay off for students. It is a huge part of her life and she knows that having a career centered around students is very meaningful to the point where she is able to truly make a difference for those students who want to have a more successful life even if they originally came from poverty-stricken homes.


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Betsy DeVos Aims For The Benefit Of Kids In America As Education Minister

Betsy DeVos is a woman who has tried to the best of her abilities to bring about change in the society in America particularly regarding education. In one of the most excruciatingly close voting numbers in the Election of a United States Minister of Education, Betsy was appointed as the Education Minister in the cabinet under President Trump. Her appointment was finalized after a tie-breaking vote had to be cast owing to the 50-50 split in the percentage of votes cast.

In the past, Betsy has been at the forefront of numerous school charter movements advocating various reforms aimed at the upliftment of educational institutions and the quality of education that is imparted to members of society. One school change which Betsy launched was advocating the use of taxpayers money to upgrade public schools to private ones, thus giving a boost to the quality of education that children in schools receive. She believed that privatizing the schools would lead to educational institutions being able to afford better facilities to help kids learn better.

Betsy voiced her opinion numerous times about putting into place a system which grades schools in America, just like they do with their students. She was of the view that schools should be awarded merits based on the quality of facilities that the school gives the children, so as to benefit parents by helping them make better decisions regarding the schools they choose to enroll their kids into. Read more news on Los Angeles Times

Betsy has always cared about the quality of education that the children of America received and has always tried to make efforts to better the system. Being elected to the role of teaching minister, Betsy can now take her efforts to a national platform and bring about change on a much larger scale than what she could before.

Besty’s efforts to help the education sector have benefited numerous students all over the years and continue to do so with the high amount of scholarships Betsy awards deserving students. She believes with the right tools; children can benefit and develop to be more contributing members of society. A few years ago, Betsy founded the DeVos family foundation that helps her aid students who have shown exemplary talents in academic as well as co-curricular fields. She awards these scholarships to them so that they can get access to a better quality of education that will help them develop their skills to the fullest potential.

Betsy DeVos has also helped numerous communities and has built facilities for the better development of their skills. Through her foundation, Betsy has helped numerous local programs especially ones dealing with performing arts to give children and youth a platform to showcase and develop their talents.

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