Securus Technologies, Putting Up Great Numbers Across the Board

Securus Technologies has been making great improvements lately. It’s no surprise that their focus is on both people and technology. The company that’s over 30 years old and based in Texas, has purchased GovPayNet. The newly acquired company specializes in processing payments for governmental agencies such as courts, motor vehicles, the IRS, and of course, correctional facilities. The company is excited to join another recently acquired company of JPay, who also works in the financial services sector of corrections. While no specific plans have been reported, the merging of the three companies is anticipated to yield great results.


Seemingly, the most important of technological innovations, are wireless containment systems. These systems provide safety for both the staff and inmates at facilities. They operate by blocking unauthorized calls and messages from being placed with contraband cellular devices. Operating like a cell tower; they block the device from being connected to its normal network. The user is notified via a recorded announcement stating that the call has been disconnected. This technology is critical, as many crimes and even a murder have been traced to illegal cell phone use in correctional facilities. While the technology is still in the testing stages, the outlook is promising. Sources claim that over a billion attempted communications have been interrupted. The WCS devices are currently in the process of being slowly introduced into more facilities.


In other news, Securus has recently earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. An “A+” score is certainly a great accomplishment for such a large company. The customer service has also made big news with over 95 percent of customers being satisfied with the service they’ve received. A first call resolution rate of over 99 percent is also a notable accomplishment. While the numbers for Securus are looking great, the company continues to put its customers first.


Families of the incarcerated are flocking to use Securus Technologies’ video visitation

In the United States prison system, it is estimated that the incarcerated, mostly fathers, have nearly 4 million children that would otherwise be dependent on them if they were on the outside. This huge number of children affected by the mass incarceration of prisoners within the United States prisons is a serious problem for the country as a whole. Many studies have shown that children who do not have a father figure in the home have far worse life outcomes across nearly all metrics than those children that grew up in an intact family.


But one company, Securus Technologies, is doing something to at least partially ameliorate the often terrible consequences that come with families being torn apart by long periods of incarceration. Through its video visitation technology, Securus has taken the lead in ensuring that prisoners in the modern U.S. prison system are able to communicate with their loved ones, especially children, on the outside.


By providing inmates with the ability to make high-quality, face-to-face video calls over their video visitation system, at just $0.15 per minute, on average, Securus is keeping families intact and ensuring that children of the incarcerated across the country can have a meaningful relationship with their fathers. Because of the dire consequences of fatherless households, Securus has estimated that this technology is making real inroads to the material improvement in the lives of millions of children across the country.


But it’s not just the children of incarcerated loved ones who benefit tremendously from the ability to make reasonably priced and high-quality phone calls, which mimic the in-person visitation experience. The family members, including parents and spouses of inmates, are also primary beneficiaries of this highly effective new technology. Overall, Securus is allowing families that otherwise would have been torn apart and unable to communicate the ability to stay in touch.


Securus Technologies Kisses Crime Goodbye

Technology is commonly used as a tool in crime solving and prevention. The accuracy and efficiency offered by technology are essential to today’s monitoring of public safety. The same goes for inmates of correctional facilities. Technology helps solve crimes of current inmates, as well as prevent inmate-on-inmate cries. Monitoring and preventing inmate-on-inmate crime makes a safer environment for all inmates, staff, and visitors. Because investigators cannot physically be present during each inmate interaction, strict security measures are set in place in order to minimize the potential of organized crime and violence inside of prison walls.


Leading provider in civil and criminal justice technology Securus Technologies recently published several comments from facility customers, detailing their success with Securus monitoring systems. Selected Facility Customer comments included stories of how investigators were able to use information obtained during monitored phone calls to solve and prevent crime not only amongst inmates but corrupt staff as well.


More than 3,000 public safety and law enforcement agencies have benefited from the use of Securus Technologies investigative software and monitoring tools. Chairman Richard Smith says that the company develops new products and services weekly to help keep inmates and communities safe. The best way to combat crime is to stop it before it begins. With help from Securus Technologies, law enforcement agencies and correctional staff have the opportunity to significantly reduce the rate of crime, one phone call at a time.