Follow Your Dreams like Doe Deere

Anyone that knows anything about makeup is familiar with the company called Lime Crime, which was founded by Doe Deere, a young entrepreneur from Russia that moved to New York City at the age of 17. As she was growing up, she became interested and involved with the fashion community, particularly with clothing and makeup. A desire to give people what they needed and wanted when it came to unique choices for their own looks was the driving force behind the establishment of Lime Crime as it is known today. Learn more:

The company began by selling makeup that was different from the traditional items that were commonly found in stores. It specialized (and still does!) in bright, vibrant colors that are rich in pigment as well as long lasting. Deere’s mission was to help those that wanted to stand out from the crowd be able to do so more easily, and her business quickly took off.

Deere’s company has always been focused on providing cruelty free and vegan products, because she understands that many people in the makeup and fashion communities lead similar lifestyles to her. Even in the beginning, when the offerings were simple things like glitter and eye shadow, Deere had other people’s feelings and desires in mind. As the company grew, Deere’s focus did not shift, and she has been working hard since 2008 to provide product to people that they will want to buy and love to use.

The company was founded because a single woman was willing to work hard and bring her ambitions to life. She didn’t back down when people questioned her, didn’t give up when the focus from online makeup companies began to shift back to retail stores, and has never changed the goal of the makeup line in almost a decade. The goal of Doe Deere’s initial foray into the fashion and makeup world was to offer people things that they could not get elsewhere, and though she has achieved this, she’s still going.

Wearing and using makeup is not about conforming to the crowd, and Lime Crime gives customers the option to express themselves in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Deere is present throughout every step of the design process, and has the final say in what is presented to consumers – everything from pigments to packaging has to be approved by her before it can be released… and if that’s not dedication to perfection, what is? Learn more: