In the tour of Kid Rock, the production manager will be Clayton Hutson

In 2018 for the second time, Kid Rock will be hitting the road together with the Red Blooded Rock. In July he performed the solo acts, the tour then took off in August starting at Maine, crossing over to the US a couple of times and it said to go until November. He will not be alone on tour he will be with Brantley Gilbert and Wheeler Walker together with the help of Clayton Hutson who is his new producer. It will not be the first time that Kid Rock and Clayton Hutson are working together they worked together early on 2018. They worked together in giving their support to “The American Rock N Roll Tour” being the stage manager.

Some hurdles were faced in the tour, but Clayton Hutson was of enormous during the trip. When asked what he did he said that one thing that was of help is that he had previous experiences that he made good use off. Clayton Hutson previously working as a Stage Manager and being the production manager too was of proper guidance during the tour. Clayton worked extra hard to ensure that everything was going on well during the trip and making sure that the confidence of the team was high. The result received at the end is that the tour was a success, the team confidence was high, and the turn up was more than they expected.

Clayton Hutson has been a business owner for so many years, and to many, he is a rare gem. When it comes to the artists, experience he will be considerate, always on the lookout for new perfection and working until late to get the best. At the college, Clayton Hutson studied for theatre design, after that Clayton joined several companies that operated in offering the customers with solutions to entertainment. Those are some of the roles that helped him to gain the necessary tools that would be of help when he decided to start his company.

After several years he then decided that he will venture into the entrepreneur world, thus founding his own company that dealt with live entertainment production. He has dedicated his career to being there for is clients that need help with production, designing, overseeing and managing the live tours. Throughout his career path, he has had the chance of working with the artists that are in the music industry like Pink, Guns’n’Roses, and Garbage.

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