End Citizens United, Restoring Transparency In Political Funding

Modern politics are slowly moving away from identity politics and competition of ideologies to how often the electorate interacts with you. This change has led candidates, and political parties look for funding without questioning the source of the money. Political financing has been an issue for ages, but one thing is clear when you receive campaign money, you become the donor’s protégé. The 2010 Supreme Court ruling opened up the Pandora’s Box. A candidate now can receive funding from any cooperate or individual without restrictions or limits. The verdict created a moral crisis in the USA elections. The Supreme Court redefined corporates as individuals and removed funding limits in campaigns. End Citizens United was formed from this moral crisis as a political action group in charge of asking the hard questions on campaign funding from the political class.

To counter the effect of big money in politics, the first step for this movement is questioning the already politicians that have deserted their social contract with the electorate and in return, choose politics of individualism according to usatoday.com. This noble campaign is known as Big Money 20. The campaign aims at the incumbent who instead of championing the interest of private citizens choose the path of collaborating with the dark cooperate world as well as individuals. The intention is to discourage reelection of these politicians. Some of the fundamental issues used to constitute the Big Money 20 included failure to fight for equitable health care, which is a significant right for all the USA citizens. The list is a list of 20 politicians.

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The political action group endorses politicians based on their commitments to the social justice. The End Citizens United this year endorsed both incumbents and the challenges in the Senate. The incumbents that were true to their ideologies are in this endorsement list. Some of the endorsements include Kate Porter, Sheldon WhiteHouse, Bob Casey, Mazie Hirono and Jackie Rosen. These endorsements aim at helping the group mission in the legislature with amendments and finally restore sanity in the political campaigns and funding.

For transparency, the political action group is open and put all its funding sources to the public. Grassroots supporters fund the group, and therefore a political group or an individual cannot siphon its voice. These midterm elections, the political action group is aiming at raising at least $35 million. This fund is $10 million extra to what this action group raised and spent in the 2016 elections. The primary source of these funds is from the grassroots. This source of funds enables the action group to remain grounded on its original mission of safeguarding the interests of these private citizens. The Washington, DC-based political action group has one of the most experienced leadership among the action groups in the United States.

The Evolution of Dick DeVos – Businessman, Activist, Philanthropist, And Now Aviation Policy Maker

The impact of the DeVos family on the state of Michigan has been quite profound over the years. And nowhere is this more readily apparent than in their home city of Grand Rapids. As the scion of the family, Dick DeVos has played a crucial role in various philanthropic activities in the state of Michigan over the last few decades.


During his tenure as the CEO of the family-owned Amway business empire, he was instrumental in bringing several key development projects to the Grand Rapids skyline. Some of these landmarks include the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center, and the Grand Rapids City Market.


Even more profound are the changes Dick DeVos has sought to bring to his state through his role as a political donor and influencer. Along with his wife Betsy, he has been an ardent campaigner for numerous conservative causes. One of his major accomplishments in the state of Michigan was the enactment of the 2012 law that enshrined right to work and removed the constraints placed by union memberships.


The couple is primarily associated with broader education reform in the United States. Their efforts for the expansion of charter schools has created a nationwide impact. Betsy DeVos was chosen by President Trump as the Education Secretary due to her advocacy and activism in the education sector.


Beyond their overtly political roles, Dick and Betsy DeVos are also well-known philanthropists. It is estimated that the couple has donated more than $130 million towards various charitable causes since 1989. These include educational scholarships and leadership programs, arts and culture, churches, and hospitals. These efforts have resulted in several landmarks, like the construction of a major children’s hospital, a performance hall, and medical school, all in the Grand Rapids area.


But the path hasn’t always been easy for Dick DeVos. He has tasted defeat in several of his political endeavors, the most famous being the costly defeat to Jennifer Granholm in the 2006 Michigan Governor elections. Despite this severe setback, he seems to have absorbed the lessons and moved on with the fight elsewhere.


And with the ascendancy of the conservative movement under President Trump, a new opportunity beckoned Dick DeVos. And this time, it was in a field that is very close to his heart. Dick DeVos is an aviation nerd and a trained pilot. He has overseen the revitalization of the Grand Rapids airport and was instrumental in setting up an aviation school in the state. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/DickDeVosII


So, the chance to bring his experience and expertise to the FAA must have been especially satisfying to him. As one of the seven new members on the civilian panel overseeing the Federal Agency, Dick DeVos now has a golden chance to leave his imprint on the US civil aviation sector in the next three years. If his track record is anything to go by, one can expect impressive things in the near future.