Securus competitor folds under pressure

Securus Technologies, the nation’s number one provider of inmate communication services, recently issued a challenge to a long-standing competitor. GTL, a foundering fellow traveler in the prison communications space, had been relentlessly jabbing Securus with false accusations and wild claims of technological superiority. Securus finally took note and issued a challenge. The two companies would pit their video visitation technology against each other and see who came out ahead. The challenge was not ad hoc. Securus had worked out the details and arranged for an impartial third party to act as judge. But, like a criminal with a guilty conscience, GTL would not willingly submit to a fair trial. It forfeited the match and, by default, admitted the superiority of Securus’ innovative technologies.



It’s not a game to inmates and families


While such lighthearted sparring between rivals can be fun, the prison communications industry is no frivolity for the inmates and families who rely on it. In truth, Securus’ video visitation technology has saved countless families millions of dollars in the aggregate.


Prior to the advent of video visitation, families were often required to trek hundreds of miles, actually being required to physically present at the institution where their loved ones were incarcerated. Not only did this end up costing hundreds of dollars, it subjected decent, law-abiding people to the iniquities of the prison environment. For this reason, it is a little known fact that many prisoners would spend the majority of their sentences without ever seeing their family or loved ones face to face. Aside from many other ills, this has been shown to have a direct negative effect on recidivism.


But with Securus’ video visitation, family members no longer have to endure the ordeal of visiting the prison. They can talk to their loved ones from the comfort of their home.