A Glimpse Into The Life of Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna isn’t necessarily a common name. On the other hand, the Mark McKenna of this article isn’t the average person. This particular man is a medical doctor, a businessman and an entrepreneur. Born in the city of New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna has experienced success as well as experienced tribulations. He is a graduate from Tulane University School of Medicine, and he has used his medical training to enhance people’s lives for the better. Being so business savvy, this man has launched numerous successful companies such as Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc.

McKenna Venture Investments was one of his most successful businesses as it generated over $4 million. This capital just so happened to be for each fiscal year. While he was a college student, McKenna was out in the field buying real estate properties. Yes, this is absolutely true. Thanks to his medical background, this young man provided physicals for a number of inmates who were incarcerated. Charging $50 per hour didn’t hurt because as he would go on to invest every penny of this money into real estate. In 2005, destruction would nearly wipeout Dr. Mark McKenna’s businesses. Hurricane Katrina destroyed just about everything in its path, including McKenna’s businesses. “I also lost a number of my contacts during this time,” said McKenna. Thanks to having such a huge heart, this man would use his knowledge in real estate to build affordable housing after the storm. McKenna is a true philanthropist as he has served his community in various ways.

ShapeMed Wellness Center was launched after he relocated to the city of Atlanta. This medical-aesthetics practice offered numerous minimal-invasive services. Of course, it was a hit, but Dr. Mark McKenna would go onto sell the company for an undisclosed amount of money. As of today, Dr. Mark McKenna is operating another successful medical practice in Atlanta, but his eyes are always searching for the next big thing.

Peter Briger’s Excellent Track Record Is Something That Fortress Investment Group Values

With Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger is currently serving both as a chairman and a principal at the company. Both domestically and internationally, Mr. Briger has a history of business deals that have been bot important and successful. 2002 was when Peter Briger first joined up with the Fortress Investment Group team, and he made his influence known quite quickly by creating a new section of the organization dedicate to real estate and securities. Fortress Investment Group was created back in 1998, and it has since gone on to become a strong private equity management firm. When it came to raising funds for the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fun IV, Peter Briger and his talented team wasted no time, and their efforts resulted in raising close to $5 billion.

Briger’s wealth of experience in high level finance was well-received at Fortress Investment Group, and he was able to yield for the organization some strikingly high returns. Eventually, Fortress Investment Group made the choice to make alternative assets a more important part of the company’s investing strategy. The company was able to acquire some of these at a much lower price than traditional investing opportunities, and the alternative investing strategies payed off in spades for the prominent finance management company. Clearly, Peter Briger is extraordinarily valuable to the success of Fortress Investment Group’s operations thanks to the wealth of knowledge he possesses as a result of all of his past experiences.

Calculated risks are something that Mr. Briger is exceptionally skilled at examining. When he finds an alternative asset that he believes to have great potential and a price far below its value, he knows that this is a remarkable opportunity to later sell these assets at a price significantly higher than the comparatively small sum that they were initially acquired for. Briger’s timing has been spot on throughout his career, and Fortress is certainly benefiting greatly from that. Goldman Sachs was a company at which Peter Briger acquired a lot of precious experience in the financial industry before finally finding his place at Fortress Investment Group, and he was on a variety of different committees during his time there.

Dr Eric Forsthoefel: Denying Patients Services in the ERs Could Lead to Serious Moral Issues

In a recent interview, Dr Eric Forsthoefel, an expert and a long-serving profession in the emergency departments expounded mainly on one of the main challenges affecting the medical department. Through the interview, Dr. Eric noted that there had been a trend that shows the number of people who are seeking medical care services in the emergency department has been increasing for the past three decades. The problem is that a significant amount of those seeking emergency medical services has situations that can be described as non-urgent by a professional healthcare provider.

The findings of Dr Eric Forsthoefel have been consistent with the results of other research studies that show that the number of people with non-urgent medical issues seeking services in the emergency department is increasing. This leads to a situation where the emergency department has to address primary health care services and emergency medical services. The resources get stretched to such a point that offering quality services in the emergency room is a challenge. All the funds and time that has been set aside to cater for people with emergency needs are used to treat people who do not need emergency medical services.

Understanding the causes of this trend has called for various research studies and thoughts from medical practitioners and emergency experts who have highlighted their reasons in various medical journals. A research study conducted by George Washington University seems to shed light on this issue. According to the findings of the survey, many people prefer medical services from the emergency department because it is easy to get an appointment with an emergency medical professional as compared to getting an appointment with a primary healthcare provider. Moreover, a significant number of individuals, especially those without insurance, who feel that there is no real connection between them and the primary healthcare providers.

However, there has been tremendous progress in preventing people without urgent medical conditions from accessing their medical services in the emergency room. One of this method is by ensuring that insurance companies that pay for such services cut them off. For example, Anthem, which is the largest medical insurance provider has already refused to fund this luxury in most of the states. It is a strategy that other medical insurance companies should adopt. Moreover, companies that offer medical covers to their employers should also take this as a matter of consideration.

However, refusing to pay for non-urgent medical services, which has been acquired in the emergency room has raised some critical moral issues. The American College of American Physicians is profoundly opposed to the developing policy. There is an argument that it is difficult to ascertain someone who needs emergency medical attention and those that do not need it. Doctors are arguing that a minor injury could be directed to the primary care department only for it to be severe enough to cause death. This will lead to medical negligence cases around the country. This means that various considerations have to be met before deciding to prevent people from seeking medical services in the emergency rooms.


Rocketship Education: The Best Possible Shot in Education

Washington Monthly has recently posted an article about another article that was released through NPR about the charter school Rocketship Education. The article from NPR is best described as scathing towards the California-based education system. In addition to questions about everyday policies, the article makes outlandish accusations that the school allows children to re-test to bolster their standardized testing scores. Rocketship Education and the article itself have stirred up a lot of controversy surrounding this issue. It seems that many people are hesitant to accept charter school systems but there are also those that believe they are not regulated enough. The article from Washington Monthly gives more of a balance to this broad NPR accusation.

One of the ways that the public can understand the benefits of Rocketship Education is by viewing the extreme and immediate reaction towards these accusations by the parents. In many states, there are parents lobbying for the presence of a Rocketship Education charter school and in the areas where it exists, there are parents on waiting lists to enroll their children. Such popularity for the school would not exist if it were guilty of half of the things that the NPR article asserts. Additionally, the founders and faculty members of the school system assure the public that they do not allow children to retest simply to get a better score. In fact, they are testing policies are quite strict when it comes to standardized exams and they do not allow retesting. A simple look at their numbers will show that their retest rate is quite low.

When viewing the article from NPR it is very clear that the author did not visit a facility that would give them a picture of the entire situation. In fact, the truth is that she did not visit a facility at all. Children will continue to benefit from the school programs and there will always be people who feel threatened by different types of opportunities. The standards off of which these facilities operate dictate that they give the children under their tutelage the best possible shot towards their education.

Know more about Rocketship Education at  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocketship_Education

The Successful Career of Igor Cornelsen the Investment Manager

Investment advisors advice clients about investing in stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded portfolios. Some investment advisors also manage client’s portfolios. For Igor , being an investment advisor took more than passion. Not only did he pursue education from some of the recognized institutions but also majored in helping clients to make the right investment decisions after school. Here is how he began his career.


Cornelsen was born in 1947, in Brazil’s Curitiba. He attended the Federal University of Parana and studied engineering. At the moment, it was the only institution that provided engineering in Santa Catarina. It was, therefore, the most competitive institution in the state. After two years of pursuing engineering, he decided to study economics in the same school. In 1970, Igor Cornelsen graduated and got a job at an investment bank. He was one of the high profile engineers with a unique ability to calculate complex interest rates through sliding rules. Back then, it was an invaluable skill because computers were backdated.


Cornelsen took over the sector as one of the most talented engineers to venture in banking. Eventually, he landed a job in Rio working as an investment manager at the bank. After a few years, he would become the most successful banker in Brazil’s competitive industry. He, therefore, received a promotion as a board of director in Multibanco. In 1976, he was promoted to serve as the CEO. In 1978, Multibanco was purchased by the Bank of America. Igor pursued other opportunities including being a lead investment banker at Unibanco. He worked until 1985 and left during the exploding inflation rate. He joined Libra Bank PLC, a London Merchant Bank.

The Observation

This movement marked an important point in his life. It opened a new window of opportunities in the world of investments. Following his success here, Cornelsen shifted to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he worked as a member of the board of directors. He was also a representative. Until now, Igor Cornelsen has been offering investment advice to clients. Not only is he an asset manager but an established business professional too.

In the tour of Kid Rock, the production manager will be Clayton Hutson

In 2018 for the second time, Kid Rock will be hitting the road together with the Red Blooded Rock. In July he performed the solo acts, the tour then took off in August starting at Maine, crossing over to the US a couple of times and it said to go until November. He will not be alone on tour he will be with Brantley Gilbert and Wheeler Walker together with the help of Clayton Hutson who is his new producer. It will not be the first time that Kid Rock and Clayton Hutson are working together they worked together early on 2018. They worked together in giving their support to “The American Rock N Roll Tour” being the stage manager.

Some hurdles were faced in the tour, but Clayton Hutson was of enormous during the trip. When asked what he did he said that one thing that was of help is that he had previous experiences that he made good use off. Clayton Hutson previously working as a Stage Manager and being the production manager too was of proper guidance during the tour. Clayton worked extra hard to ensure that everything was going on well during the trip and making sure that the confidence of the team was high. The result received at the end is that the tour was a success, the team confidence was high, and the turn up was more than they expected.

Clayton Hutson has been a business owner for so many years, and to many, he is a rare gem. When it comes to the artists, experience he will be considerate, always on the lookout for new perfection and working until late to get the best. At the college, Clayton Hutson studied for theatre design, after that Clayton joined several companies that operated in offering the customers with solutions to entertainment. Those are some of the roles that helped him to gain the necessary tools that would be of help when he decided to start his company.

After several years he then decided that he will venture into the entrepreneur world, thus founding his own company that dealt with live entertainment production. He has dedicated his career to being there for is clients that need help with production, designing, overseeing and managing the live tours. Throughout his career path, he has had the chance of working with the artists that are in the music industry like Pink, Guns’n’Roses, and Garbage.

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Look And Feel Younger With Jeunesse

The founders of Jeunesse, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, cater to the generation of people they call Generation Young. They decided to come out of retirement to market a line of fine youth enhancing products. The company was started on September 9th, 2009. Understanding that the number 9 is believed to stand for longevity, the fact that the company was launched at 9 p.m. was especially meaningful to the couple.


The company features cosmetics and creams, a line of supplements, and many other quality products. They are focused on renewing and reviving a youthful look, and just as importantly, a youthful feel for the customers. All of the company’s products are marketed and sold globally. Products such as wrinkle cream for the face and the eye area are made with the most natural ingredients. Each are blended to uniquely create the best mix of healthful ingredients and botanicals that work together in harmony. Helping their customers feel energized and youthful, they can enjoy life to the fullest. The whole team at Jeunesse wish that for their customers around the world, and they are spreading the word.


The company owners opted for the direct selling method for the sale of their products. The Jeunesse line of products are sold through independent distributors. The choice of marketing the line through direct selling has worked well for the company, and product sales are strong. Ray and Wendy Lewis attribute much of the success of Jeunesse to its dedicated sales team.


The distributors receive ongoing training throughout, and the support of their sales team is a priority. Everything that the distributors need to get started is in place to help them prosper and grow their own business. This works only if the products they represent are high quality, and they deliver what they promise to deliver. The repeat customers are a positive sign that Jeunesse products deliver what they promise to their customers.


Contributions of Sheldon Lavin in growth of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the OSI Group. It is under his leadership that the OSI group has made a mark in the global food industry. His approach to food production has seen a significant growth of the company. He is particularly recognized for his sustainable production methods. The reason he has built the company on this foundation is a result of the history it has. The challenges the company went through and how it finally made it through the application of cutting-edge technologies are some of the things which have motivated him to work hard and bring lasting solutions in the food industry. OSI group is now an innovator in the food business due to the great leadership which has been shown by Sheldon Lavin.


OSI Group is, without a doubt, the largest food company in the world. In the United States, it is ranked among the biggest private companies. It is number #58 out of the top 100 private businesses in the United States according to Forbes list. The growth of the OSI group was through a number of phases. The company first started as a butcher shop in Chicago. It was started by a German immigrant who settled in the area in 1909. From a butcher shop, it developed into a family business that cut a deal with McDonald’s to be the supplier of hamburgers in all its outlets. In the 1960s and 1970s, the company was only dealing with supplies to the McDonalds. Then, later came Sheldon Lavin who took the operations of the company global.

OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin is an impressive business which attracts many people who would like to start a business. For a company to have survived for one century and making it in the industry for such a long time is no joke. It took the hand of dedicated people to get it running well as it has happened. Sheldon Lavin is proud of the growth that has taken place under his leadership. Since he joined OSI Group in the 1970s, the company has seen rapid development. Currently, it is over 17 countries and has 65 production plants in various parts of the world.

Bruno Fagali’s report on the compliance topic.

Bruno Fagali’s Education and career background.

Bruno Fagali is a legal expert with a company known as Fagali Advocacy which is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was founded in 2016. The firm deals with matters of anti-corruption, public law, election, and compliance.

Fagali, as a law expert, has a solid education background where he attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo for a Bachelor’s degree in law (2009). In the same university, he specialized in the Administrative Law (2012) and later he obtained an MA in State Law in the University of Sao Paulo. Visit on his twitter to get the latest updates.

His journey in the law sector began in 2006 where he served as an intern in Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. He has also worked in the Azevedo Marques law firm before joining the University of Sao Paulo and later establishing his law firm, the Fagali Advocacy.

Currently, Bruno serves as an associate and coordinator in the Brazilian Institute of Law and Ethics. Since he is a legal expert, he is part of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Bruno Fagali also serves as part of the leadership committee in other firms such as the Nova/SB where he is the Corporate Integral Manager.

Bruno’s report on the issue of compliance.

Many have given much thought to the compliance and corporate governance due to the rise of corruption cases in many corporations in Brazil. However,Bruno reports concerns from some organizations about the compliance subject. He echoes the views of Renato Almeida dos Santos (partner of S2 Consultoria and coordinator of MBA in Risk Management and Compliance of Trevisan Business School) that the hard work of companies to meet the market and legal requirements should be more than a duty to be fulfilled.

Renato Almeida dos Santos warns that the compliance subject may not remain in a majority of companies principles. Hence, there is a need for creation of an Integrity Program that is capable of integration with a company’s day to day activities as well as other departments of a company. It will ensure that shortcomings arising in any area of the company are successfully dealt with for the company’s overall improvement.

Read more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/160652/cuidado-com-as-trocas-de-presentes-de-fim-de-ano-entre-sua-empresa-parceiros-e-fornecedores-alerta-fagali

Graeme Holm and his Achievements in the Financial Sector of Australia.

Graeme Holm is an Australian businessman and one of the founders of Infinity Group Australia. The main aim of starting the company was to help improve the finances of Australians and also to secure their futures through the money management and debt reduction facilities within the company. Graeme Holm is the Director of Infinity Group Australia, and he has close to two decades of experience in the business. The company has been able to expand its locations to places such as Melbourne, Bella Vista, Brisbane, Port Macquarie, and Cronulla.

Graeme Holm worked in the banking sector where he saw the need to come up with a better solution for Australian families that were receiving poor services from the financial institutions. Holm and his wife Rebecca Walker with whom they do business together decided to start Infinity Group so that they can offer quality services to their clients. After having the idea of starting the venture, Holm decided to research the market where he found out that there was lack of guidance and support for families which led to money related problems. Holm saw this as an opportunity to start a company that could help clients to pay their loans quickly.

Ashe worked in the banking sector he became frustrated because of dealing with one product, and this further gave him the courage to venture into a new field. With this new company, Graeme Holm is aiming at changing the lives of Australians financially. With Infinity Group clients are guided and supported through their journeys of taking and paying loans, and they train people on how to handle their finances. This helps people in maintaining their budgets and needs where clients are guided and taught how to focus on priorities, and this helps reduce the loan principals of their clients. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/graeme-holm/

Infinity Group under the leadership of Graeme Holm has made clients able to pay their loans within seven years compared to the previous thirty years in which a credit was supposed to be paid. Banks in the country do not have people who provide assistance or advice to employees so that they can educate and guide their clients. Graeme Holm starts his day with a bit of exercise and reading, and this helps to keep him fit. His days end at around 10.30pm after he meets with his evening clients and he makes plans for his next day.

Graeme Holm gets most of his ideas through other people as they mingle and do business together. He also urges employees to make use of the suggestion boxes so that all of their ideas can be developed and used to expand the organization. This enables them to understand what is happening in the market; hence they can keep up with emerging trends to keep the business developing.