Skills to Emulate from Tony Petrello’s Charitable Acts

The development of different companies has had a positive impact on the lives of people across nations. Employment opportunities have increased leading to enhanced economic growth in many countries. Nabors Industries Ltd is one of the leading natural gas drilling and geothermal companies in the United States of America. The company has interest in other parts of the continent-spanning from Asia, Europe, and Africa. The company prides itself on the effective corporate social responsibility programs it has initiated over the past few years. Tony Petrello is the chief executive officer of the company who has been responsible for its fast growth. As the president of the company, Tony Petrello first propelled the company since its inception in 1968 as Anglo Energy Ltd. It later changed the names over the years to become Nabors Industries Ltd. The company has been recognized for its significant contributions towards helping disaster victims to regain their normal lives.

For instance, Nabors Industries Ltd was very instrumental in helping the victims of the Hurricane Harvey that affected Houston and some parts of Texas in 2017. The employees of the company have developed the interest in working with the local community to ensure healthy co-existence. This has been encouraged by the chief executive officer who is very passionate about community development and CSR. As such, during the disaster, the employees of the Nabors Industries Ltd took time off to take care of the victims of the hurricane. They participated in offering relief food to the affected families across the entire region going as far as the Gulf Coast. As an appreciation from the company, Tony Petrello offered to pay them for the days they were off duty. His passion for helping the community made him organize for the relief fund called Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. Through the fund, a total of over $173,622 was collected to help the disaster victims.

Tony Petrello has a philanthropic heart and has helped many charitable organizations across Houston and Texas in general. He takes a keen interest in children and as such, Tony Petrello focused on the study of the rear neurological disorders that affect children and which is little known to the public. Through his charitable nature, he saw the need for helping children affected by the disorder by contributing over $7 million. Tony Petrello holds different degrees from Harvard University and Yale University that have been instrumental towards his success. He is married to Cynthia Petrello who is also passionate towards the humanitarian field.

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The Successful Career of Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is the founder of ATS Digital Services where he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. ATS Digital services if widely renowned as a technology firm that offers solutions to clients across the board. The firm provides every solution related to computers such as anti-malware installation, software update, storage repairs, among other services. The firm continues to prosper due to their customer-oriented philosophy. According to Robert Deignan, the focus on clients’ issues and responding promptly has led to the success of the company. Unlike other firms, ATS Digital Services is driven by consumers demands and not profits. Over the years, the firm has improved significantly as a result of excellent leadership skills from Robert Deignan.

About Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is among the few individuals who have led a successful career. He is considered as a successful entrepreneur due to the advancements he has made in ATS Digital Solutions. Robert Deignan attended Purdue University where he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Here, he was able to learn several leadership skills that have made him lead ATS in the right way. Robert Deignan was enrolled at Purdue University on a full football sponsorship program. Despite his high ranks in ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan has interests in sports, particularly in football.

Before founding ATS, he had co-founded Fanlink Inc. at a tender age. Here, he was able to learn basic skills in business and communication, which would later impact on his leadership skills at ATS. He later moved to a technology firm which shaped his career. In fact, this is where he would generate the idea of founding ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan used to work at an anti-malware company before co-founding ATS. The firm would face constant ordeals in providing anti-malware services to their clients due to the malware individuals. As a result, the firm decided to help their clients by accessing their computer systems remotely. Robert Deignan together with his co-founders saw it as a good idea to offer computer solutions to users remotely. Since then, Robert has always been concerned with the improvement of service delivery and the growth of ATS.

Roberto Santiago: the Great Retail Businessman

It is an investment that has led to the region in which, besides public investments in urban infrastructure, there are also several commercial companies.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping also provides a lot of entertainment to João Pessoa. There are more than ten rooms equipped with modern and up-to-date display devices – there are VIP rooms, 3D room and Stadium System, the one with armchairs that are arranged as if they were bleachers to give the clients greater visibility. For those who enjoy bowling, the Manaíra slopes are modern and electronic. And for those who prefer electronic gaming machines, Shopping has more than 200, with several styles that suit all tastes and ages.


Roberto Santiago studied at one of the most traditional teaching institutions in Joao Pessoa – Pio X Marist College. His first business was a carton company. In the “hobby” category, Paraiba is a sports fan – he is passionate about Karts, motocross, snow skiing and jet skiing.


Despite the economic crisis that the country is going through, swimming against the tide are the malls, we can say. At least, it was found, in the past year, more precisely 2015, that they were growing at an average rate of 6.5%, throughout the country. Thus, at the same time, this sector came to bill R $ 150 billion, according to the census that was then released by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce). And among the most outstanding, since last year were some of the malls in Paraíba. Of these, one still stands out, either for overcoming the crisis, or for existing as the largest commercial center of the area, the capital of the state in question. We are talking about Manaira Shopping, a successful enterprise of entrepreneur Roberto Santiago.


The entrepreneur has as one of the foundations of this success the continuity that gives the bets on leisure options, fun and comfort for customers who frequent the establishment. This strategy has not only allowed him to overcome the crisis in a sense of survival, but to the point of being able to inaugurate a new mall, Mangabeira Shopping, in the case, also located in the capital of Paraiba, which Roberto Santiago inaugurated in partnership with Alberto Wanderley.


But better dismantling these bets that have brought good income, soon stands out, in this environment idealized by Roberto Santiago himself, the presence of various options of entertainment and entertainment of the general public. No wonder that in the mall you can reserve, in addition to the ballroom, also amusement park, bowling alleys and movie theaters. This last item, it is said, continues as one of its strengths, since Manaira Shopping, in all, has 11 movie theaters. And equipped with the most modern, worth to score. After all, it is not every establishment that offers besides 3D rooms, also VIP rooms and those of System Stadium. Not to mention the continuity of the high standard in the portion of food consumption, which does not offer simple popcorn and butter, but the so-called gourmet popcorn, as well as sweet and also drinks bar.


Why Waiakea Water is the Best

Many people are starting to make the switch from their traditional tap water with bottled water and for many reasons too. Some like it because of the accessibility, while others like it for the taste and quality. Whatever the case may be, bottled water can be a safer alternative to water that you get from your tap at home. However, when you go to buy bottled water, you need to be aware of things like the source and brand. That is why Waiakea Water has been such a good option for many people.

With a strong standing behind the water itself, Waiakea is known for the alkalinity of the water by carefully examining the pH levels of the water they bottle. They provide the general public with a peace of mind that they are drinking water with the best pH level to maintain the proper tissue and cellular health in the body. Since many drinks are acidic, Waiakea promotes more alkaline water that doesn’t damage your teeth or your body.

Their unique look at bottle water has given them the opportunity to provide water that has a natural pH of 8.2, which is alkaline. It remains away from the acidic range on the pH scale, and it provides individuals with many different benefits that don’t come with the other brands out there. In fact, the Waiakea water pH level is beneficial for many.

The company isn’t your average bottled water company, and they firmly stand on their promise to provide natural bottled water that is sustainable and sourced right from a unique place. They also seek to provide valuable drinking water to other parts of the globe, working hard to donate the water where it is needed. Waiakea is proud to be a leader when it comes to helping people and the environment.

The Unique Approach

Created in 2012, Waiakea bottled water began from the idea of a man named Ryan Emmons. He is the current CEO and the founder of the company. Since he grew up around California and in Hawaii, Emmons was surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape in the world. His childhood usually consisted of exploring, which led him to a bountiful source of water right at the base of a Hawaiian volcano. The water was delicious, and he decided to share it with the world.

The Water from a Volcano

The water is naturally pure and healthy, and it comes from a sustainable source of water, making it both unique and beneficial. It is naturally alkaline, and it has a unique filtration process. Since it filters naturally through the volcanic rock, nature is the true filtration system, giving it a more environmentally friendly option.

The water constantly flows so it is never sitting stagnant. The company is transparent about their Hawaii volcano water, and it is putting all of the natural benefits of the resources in nature to good use. Waiakea also has many benefits for individuals as well, like neutralizing stomach acid, boosting hydration, and helping reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.


This water is unique, just like the Hawaiian people that take pride in their water. The source is incredible, and the volcano water benefits are out of this world. The sustainable sourcing of the water makes it friendly for the environment and beneficial for individuals throughout the globe. Waiakea is surely a great company to be known as the most awarded beverage company in North America

The Dramatic Expansion Of OSI Industries Makes It A Food Industry Giant

OSI Industries is a world leader in food processing based in Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded 109 years ago and 30 miles away from its current location. Originally a community meat market called Otto & Sons, the company now has millions of customers, over $6 billion in revenue and food processing plants in 17 countries. It has also won numerous awards for the environmental management practices it employs. When German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky started the company in the suburbs of Chicago it had a staff of three. Today, OSI Industries has 20,000 employees in 85 countries.

Offering quality products is what has always set the company apart. Otto Kolschowsky offered fresh, high quality cuts of meats to the people in his community and soon local restaurants and supermarkets where coming to him for wholesale meats. Otto & Sons reputation for quality led Ray Kroc to turn to them to supply his fledgling McDonald’s franchise with ground beef when he opened his first store in 1955. As McDonald’s opened branches all over the country, Otto & Sons prospered and grew. In the 1960s they purchased flash-freezing technology and moved into a larger facility in West Chicago.

In the 1970s when Otto & Sons wanted to expand even more, they turned to financial services expert Sheldon Lavin for help. Lavin got them the resources they needed and started buying stock in the company. When Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky, the sons of the company’s founder, retired in the late 70s, Lavin owned enough stock to take over the company. He chose a new name, OSI Industries, and set the company on a path that led to it becoming a global leader in food processing. Today the company has food production facilities on 5 continents and is the 58th largest private company in the U.S.

OSI Industries has a major presence in Asia. In China alone it has 10 poultry processing facilities. It also has production facilities and millions of customers in India, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. The company also has a growing presence in Europe. It built facilities in Germany, Hungary, Poland and Spain and acquired UK based Flagship Europe and Baho Foods in Holland. That has given OSI Industries customers in over two dozen European countries. The company also has a presence in Australia, Brazil and Mexico and has facilities in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and California in the United States.

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Sussex Health Care: A Haven For The Elderly

Sussex Health Care, an independent company whose focus is to provide support services and care homes, is based mainly in Sussex. It runs twenty homes which primarily care for the elderly, including the mentally frail from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and specialized care for adults who suffer from learning or physical difficulties, including those with neurological disability. To the organization, good health is more than just the lack of illness, and it, therefore, recognizes the need for social, recreational and leisure activities to promote the overall health and individual’s sense of well-being. It recently opened a new gym to cater to the needs of its various patients and the gym staff have gotten thorough training to assist the clients in different areas.

Sussex Health Care started operating in 1985. In 2002, it obtained accreditation from Health Quality Services (HQS). In 2003, it gained the standard of Investors in People and later in June 2005, the organization attained ISO 9000:2000. The international standard covers systems of quality management which make the company the sole autonomous provider of a care home in the UK to achieve dual accreditation for ISO 9000:2000 and HQS. Sussex Healthcare appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor, who has over 30 years’ experience in health and social care, as its new CEO and she began her duties in February 2018.

The organization offers various jobs that are categorized into healthcare, accountancy, admin-secretarial, catering-hospitality and others. It also gives positions depending on location such as Horsham, Uckfield, East Grinstead, Crawley, and Billinghurst. The employees work full-time, part-time, on contract, permanent or temporary basis. Currently, the jobs available include healthcare assistants, support workers, care assistants, registered nurse, among others. Working at Sussex Health Care provides employees with an array of benefits such as uniforms, training facilities and support as well as an overseas nursing programme. The group gives all staff members outstanding career prospects, and it also encourages progression.

According to Sussex Health Care, it is the first, in the UK, of its kind to receive three leading hospitality awards. It has received awards such as Hospitality Accreditation Quality Unit (HAQU), ISO 9001:2000 and its latest win is the Hospitality Assured Accreditation, all of which are nationally and internationally recognized for business and hospitality management. The British Quality Foundation wholly endorses the Hospitality Assured Accreditation, which is the only standard in the hospitality industry that has its focus on customers’ experience.

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Financial Institution that Offers Reliable Credit Services

NexBank is a commercial facility company that serves its clients through three essential businesses including institutional services, mortgage banking, and commercial banking. NexBank provides banking services and customized services mostly to individuals, corporations, institutional clients and financial institutions countrywide. Through industry leadership and commitment to their customers, NexBank makes every effort to deliver exceptional value at every chance. They provide their clients exceptional access to custom-tailed and refined solutions delivered by proficient experts with confirmed records of accomplishment.

In 2017, the NexBank Company that is based in Dallas announced its successful accomplishment of $54 million in private settlement of its adjustable percentage subordinated notes to particular institutional and great wealthy investors. They intend to use the earnings of the contributions for overall corporate purposes. From this proceeding Nexback Capital, inc, was able to raise $283 million of equity and debt since 2016. Those proceedings are non-redeemable for five years, and they have a stated maturity date of 30th Septembers 2027. The proceedings gain interest with a fixed ratio of 6,375% for five years and after that at a fluctuating rate based on extent rate above the current three months LIBOR and a basis point of 458.5. The reports are already assigned an investment rating grade of BBB- with constant attitude by qualify and Kroll Bond Assessment Agency as Tier 2 capital below applicable capital principles. Sandler O’Neill and Associates, L.P performed as the individual placement representative for the private contribution of the records. On 19th September 2017, the contribution was closed. All the notes are recorded under the Securities Act, and they may not be sold or offered in the United States applicable exclusion or from the registration requirements.

NexBank has partnered with developers in the real estate field both investors and the owners in all phases of the real estate development to provide a wide range of specified financing for building, developing procurement and refinancing opportunities. Regarding credit services, the company offers cooperative banks opportunities for collection diversification that has attractive yields. NexBank also provides access to a third party to senior-secured loans for venturing, corporate credit for investment and floating-rate.

Wes Edens is an Influential Partner

Wes Edens has been one of the most influential partners that ran the Fortress Investment Group. Working with four other business geniuses he began the company in 1998. The goal of the Fortress Investment Group was to be in alternative asset management company. As the Wall Street Journal reports, this company is one of the most highly creative it comes to investing. They look for creative ways that will bring in cash flow for the Fortress Investment Group over several decades. They wanted the Fortress Investment Group to be a company that was not afraid to take risks.Wes Edens was only 25 years old when he began the company. Being one of five principal partners his responsibilities for a vast for the Fortress Investment Group. Currently he acts as the principal founder as well as cochairing the board of directors.

Wes Edens is responsible for overseeing several sectors and departments within the Fortress Investment Group. Firstly, he is in charge of overseeing the private equity department. This part of the business manages over $6.5 billion. The majority of their investments has to do with transportation and infrastructure, healthcare, and media.Wes Edens is also responsible for operating the credit private equity department. This department manages over $15.1 billion for the company. This portions job is to oversee the real estate that the Fortress Investment Group owns. They are a highly diversified in this area owning both commercial and residential buildings. On top of that, they own a variety of shopping malls and apartment complexes. This provides them with a consistent income.

Wes Edens has also been in charge of overseeing the acquisitions of the Fortress Investment Group. He was the lead negotiator when working with the management firm from Japan. After much discussion, he was able to sell a nonvoting share of the Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. He also was the lead negotiator when it came to selling a portion of the company to the public. 8% of the company is able to be purchased through the stock market. Current value places this 8% share at just over $600 million.Wes Edens does not only make his money from the Fortress Investment Group but also through his ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks. He also has expanded out into the electronic sports craze by purchasing the Flight Qwest team that is a dominant force in League of Legends.

See Why Wes Edens Is an Investor with Unmatched Boldness and Vision

Most people know Wes Edens as a private equity investor and successful businessman, but some didn’t know that he is also the chairman and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. Being successful in such business venture is not a simple thing. It means the individual has strong leadership skills and undying driving force when it comes to business matters. Although you may have come across a company that is an alternative asset manager, it is possible that it wasn’t as large as Fortress Investment Group is. Edens graduated from the Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance and business administration. He didn’t start his career in finance the other day. He has worked in other places such as at Lehman Brothers where his career started. He served in different positions at Lehman before he left it in the year 1993.

Besides being a partner at the Lehman Brothers, he also served as a managing director. He later went to BlackRock, a global investment management company based in New York.This company has its private equity division, Blackrock Asset Investors, where Edens worked as a partner and also a managing director. He left it in 1997 and became a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Others whom he co-founded this Group with include Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, Michael Novogratz and Robert Kauffman. There wasn’t any other buyout firm that was traded publicly before Fortress Investment Group came forth. That year, an article in Wall Street Journal described Edens style of investment as one from creative financing. The article further highlighted that Edens had adequate skills for building businesses through investments. Through his great leadership, the firm was able to sell about 8 percent of its shares to the public.

The shares were sold for about $600 million. This saw Edens become the co-chairman of the Group’s board of directors the same year.In the year 2015-2016, Edens served as the chairman of the Fortress Transport and Infrastructure Investors. His exceptional skills in business have made him own several businesses such as the NBA franchise. He also owns eSports FlyQuest team and he also promised to come up with another new arena. At Nationstar Mortgage, Edens serves as the chairman. This is a firm that offers mortgage loans for those who are in need of subprime home equity. Don’t just assume that Edens is all lost in business. He is a committed family man; a husband and a father of four children. Mountain climbing and horse jumping are his most enjoyable activities.

All You Need to Know About the Revered Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a passionate and a skillful manager.
Randal Nardone is a passionate and a skillful manager.

Randal Nardone is one of the revered CEO in the financial service industry. He is the co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. The company is among the most significant investment firms in the country. Before working at Fortress investment group, Randal has had experience working in the legal department as a partner of a law firm. After working for the law firm for quite some time, Randal took some interest in the financial service industry which was not in line with his education background. He joined a Financial management firm where he was assigned the role of principal. He did not work for long in the company before he quite and joined USB. At USB he was assigned a more demanding role as a Managing Director. He worked for the company for one year. His experience in the Financial services industry gave him enough knowledge that led to the co-founding of the Fortress Investment Group.

Randal is a passionate and a skillful manager. His management skills are however not from his education background rather from experience working at different managerial positions in different companies. Nardone studied at Boston University of Law School where he studied arts and English. He later enrolled at Connecticut University where he studied biology. Randal is an excellent leader.Employees working for him at Fortress Investment Group collectively attest to their satisfaction working for the company and particularly, having Randal as their leader.Randal’s leadership style emphasizes the importance of teamwork and he has always encouraged all his employees to work as a team to attain the shared goals.

Randal has played a significant role in Fortress investment group. Even before the acquisition of the company by Softbank, Fortress Investment Group was still a market leader and a company that was respected for its efficient services.Randal has many hats in different organizations. As a result, he has accumulated quite a lot of funds as salary and allowances. For instance, he has worked at Springleaf Financial Holdings, RIC Coinvestment Fund, and IMPAC Commercial Holdings among a few. Cumulatively, Randal’s salaries and allowances have increased his net worth. He is now a billionaire and was listed in the Forbes billionaires list as number 557.